STRYD Confirms | Full Coros Integration

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STRYD Seal the Deal with Coros

STRYD has confirmed the details of their running power link-up with the full, current range of Coros watches. We had a sneak preview of all that yesterday in the live YouTube launch and I followed that with the publication of my full Coros Pace 2 Review.


The following comes directly from STRYD with a few minor edits from me. I’ve highlighted some of the important new stuff in RED, eg the 3rd part platform linkups,

COROS provides native & full Stryd compatibility

The running power revolution is taking a big step forward today thanks to a new integration between Stryd & COROS!COROS is now providing one of the best running-with-Stryd experiences with full  & native Stryd compatibility on their watches!Here is why this integration is noteworthy & among the best integrations available:

  • Full Stryd metric support
  • Support is provided across a wide range of COROS watches
  • Automatic data syncing
  • First-class pace & distance support from Stryd
  • Customizable data screens show power metrics how you want
  • Syncing of Stryd’s Critical Power directly to the watch
  • Power-based structured workouts

Let’s jump into the features!

Coros PACE 2 Review Specifications
Pace 2, Pace 1 Behind in Red

Stryd support is available across COROS’s top watches

COROS is adding Stryd support to their most popular sportswatches: VERTIX, APEX, APEX PRO, and their new Coros PACE 2.

All of these watches provide the same excellent & complete Stryd support.

Full Stryd metric support

COROS watches capture all of Stryd’s metrics including Power, Form Power, Air Power, Leg Spring Stiffness, Ground Time, and Vertical Oscillation.

This is the first time that a sportswatch brand has supported all of Stryd’s metrics from the moment you pair the watch. This means it is very easy to set up and receive all the data you want from your COROS & Stryd!

Automatic data syncing

You can connect your COROS account to PowerCenter so that your activities containing Stryd data automatically import into your account for analysis.

Critical Power syncing

After you connect your COROS account to PowerCenter, your Stryd Critical Power will automatically sync to your watch to support your power-based training!

If you use auto-calculated Critical Power, your most up-to-date Critical Power will always be available on the watch.

Power-based structured workouts & training plans

You can create step-by-step power-based structured workouts within the COROS app and execute those workouts on the watch.

You can also select a prebuilt power-based training plan from Stryd within the COROS app and execute the daily workouts from a training plan on your watch as well.

First-class pace & distance support

All of these watches support pace & distance from Stryd, while GPS is on!

Customizable data screens

You can easily customize your data screens so you can look at your running power any way you want! You can see real-time power, lap power, overall averaged power and more power views!

Get started now

If you already own a COROS watch but do not yet have Stryd, you can order Stryd here:

If you already own a COROS watch & Stryd, please see the STRYD help center to get started:

If you want to get a deal on the Coros Pace 2 – look below 😉

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Order Directly From STRYD – Also Fulfilled in the UK/EU Avoiding Import Duties – Any Current Discounts Automatically Added on

Coros Pace 2 Price, Availability, Free Bands and 10% Discounts

The prices are EXTREMELY competitive at $199.99 ($179.99 at Power Meter City when stock arrives) / €199.99 / £179.99 (£162 at New Running Gear when stock arrives) – stock will not arrive at retailers until the end of September 2020. With the discount at PMC and NRG, this product is seriously under-priced by at least $100.




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Order Directly From STRYD – Also Fulfilled in the UK/EU Avoiding Import Duties – Any Current Discounts Automatically Added on

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2 thoughts on “STRYD Confirms | Full Coros Integration

  1. thanks for the informative articles! do you by chance know any news from the trainingpeaks / final surge and importing their structured workouts to Coros? I am trying power based training plans from these providers.
    All I can find is this:
    But when do you think they’ll come up with a non-manual workout-data-import?
    In an other article, I think you mentioned something like “to be expected from May 2020” ?
    cheers -Michael

    1. ok these thigngs are falling into place now (ish)
      my understanding as from yesterday is that the STRYD link up for PLANS should be automatic and working NOW. I haven’t tested.
      as above: “You can also select a prebuilt power-based training plan ***from Stryd*** within the COROS app and execute the daily workouts from a training plan on your watch as well.”

      TP and FS are slated for the future with no timescales. There are good and different reasons why they both should happen, i would guess TP first.

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