GIVEAWAY – Coros Pace 2 & free Sunglasses Competition

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Coros PACE 2 Review Specifications

Coros Pace 2 GIVEAWAY & free Sunglasses Competition

Today I have a highly-featured, reasonably-priced and tri-capable running watch to give away – Coros Pace 2. Details below, as well as a competition to instantly win a pair of sport-specific sunglasses.

Coros Pace 2 Giveaway

You know the drill…

  • Prize: One new coros Pace 2 running watch.
  • Register your interest in the comment section below: One entry per person only. Say what single feature of ANY running watch is important to you (not necessarily the Pace 2), or just say something nice. Also, say if you’ve retweeted or FB shared the competition for a second chance to win.
  • Two Entries: You can retweet the accompanying tweet or share the accompanying Facebook post and be automatically considered twice for the prize – I WILL check before announcing the winner.
  • Ends midnight, UTC, 31st August 2020. Winner will be chosen at random and notified BY EMAIL soon after.
  • Eligibility: EU, UK, USA, Canada(tbc), Australia, NZ(tbc) residents only.

Coros PACE 2 Review | A Real Garmin Contender…At Last

Can’t wait until 31st August? Try this free instant-win competition from SunGod

Sungod Competition | Sunglasses

Why not try the competition to get a free pair of one of SunGod’s original models?

Sungod Pacebreakers discount competition
Click to enter on SunGod.Co

First Try The Free Competition

A couple of clicks and you could win a pair of SunGod sunglasses, either the Classics3, Sierras, Revolts, Vanguards, Renegades or PaceBreakers models. I reviewed the PaceBreakers from a sporty perspective (link to SunGod PaceBreakers Review) and looked at the Classics model too (link to SunGod Classics Review – Classics2 ). Recently I announced the Winter Sungod Revolt Ski/Boarding Goggles and highlighted the use of clearer lenses for winter cycling with the PaceBreakers. The SunGod Vulcans Review looks at the latest cycling model but that is not available as a prize.


Entry is free. I don’t get anything if you enter SunGod’s competition on their site. If you later go on to buy one of the products then SunGod helps support this site. SunGod state that you have a 1 in 500 chance of winning and they seem a reputable company that I have dealt with on and off for over two years. As of August 2020, there have been four winners from about 1,600 entrants from this site…time for a third if you do the Math (and ignore probability theory). Winners so far:

  • (Classics³)
  • (Sierras)
  • (Sierras)
  • (Chosen model unknown)




SunGod Vulcans Review 😎 Custom Sports Cycling Sunglasses



SunGod Classics Review 😎 Custom CLASSICS3 sunglasses

SunGod Revolts – Pre-order for Winter


SUNGOD PaceBreakers – Winter Cycling & a Low Light Lens


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142 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – Coros Pace 2 & free Sunglasses Competition

  1. 1 single feature, the possibility to have running power on Zwift, my current watch doesn’t have that.

  2. Feature I would look for : an accurate step counter when the watch is worn through the day, outside of runs

  3. Single feature: post-workout performance analysis.

    Something nice: you’re one of my favourite sports tech bloggers.

  4. A hydrogen fuel cell battery that would last a couple of months between charges. Failing that the ability (Garmin /iPhone) to respond easily to texts from the watch.

  5. Just want clear screen with big numbers on a white background. Oh, and OS grid ref for if / when I take the wrong path!

  6. Garmin, Polar and Coros are all reasonably accurate in my experience. Garmin and Polar have some features that are nice to have. Garmin has a lot of features I don’t really care about.

    I’d like to see something different in form factor. Most watches have a 1.2″ transreflective (I think that’s what it’s called) display. Garmin and Suunto have larger versions, which is nice. Something different doesn’t have to be OLED. The Instinct, for example, I think the black and white display is great, very legible although small. Or theCasio GBD-H1000 display. Or some smartwatches that have a dual layer display. I’d like to see mfgs trying something different.

    Also I want overnight HRV numbers like Polar does. AND I’ve always wondered why Garmin is the only one that can interact with notifications on Android. I can reply to texts with a preset quick reply. I can delete emails. All from the watch. Makes using Garmin as an everyday watch hard to get away from.

    I’m guessing we’ll see a Pace 2 today!

  7. Apart from my first ever watch (310xt) my other two Garmin models have struggled with accuracy so I’ll have to go with that.

  8. Sadly, no luck with the SunGod glasses.. but how can I pass up the opportunity of winning a watch? 😛

    Accurate instant pace (eg, Stryd-like) is the single feature I’d love the most in a running watch.

    PS: retweeted

  9. I love watches that are super reliable in terms of GPS connectivity speed, no drop offs, and smooth. I find the less I have to think about the watch I am wearing, the better I perform.

  10. Customization. I can get used to a battery life or limited features but if I can’t set the watches to my preferences (yes I look at you Polar, Suunto, Coros, …) then it’s no go for me.

  11. Most important feature is accuracy, specifically heart rate and distance.

    Retweet done!

  12. Single most important feature: the display. Before watches I was running with Strava on the phone, but it was very annoying to not have an data except audio cues during the run. And I’d say second most important feature is heart rate monitor, helped me understand why I felt like dying trying to run a 5k at 188bpm.

  13. Hello, I want something accurate (GPS, heart rate) even in open-water and power-based structured workout.

  14. I would love to have a watch that does support structured workouts with power. However, the most important feature for me is mapping/navigation support.

  15. Post workout analytics and adaptive running programme based on sleep, daily stress and recent training sessions.

  16. Hi, I’m interested in the Awesome Running Watch Giveaway.

    I hope it has good usability and responsiveness, hate interacting with a slow interface.

  17. The biggest feature I’m looking for right at the minute is reliable elevation recording – my 935 frequently gets in moods where it decides I must have climbed 700m on a mostly level 5k run.

      1. I think it’s actually clear – it mostly goes silly when I pause for a walk or water break, when it either shifts on my wrist or gets sweatier under the back – I think it’s just poor design placement compared to the on-the-side positioning of the fenix.

  18. New Coros Pace update, huh? Training Peaks and/or Stryd compatibility would be amazing….just saying.

  19. The single most important feature for me would be accurate heart rate monitoring when not exercising, for exercise I use a strap.
    The site is excellent, you can count on the reviews being spot on, highlighting the pro’s and the cons of every reviewed item. Great writing, too 🙂

  20. As said by many, structured power workout with proper power alerts. It’s the only thing that I’m really struggling with the Forerunner 245, the feedback during workouts makes very little sense, sometimes it’s due to the course/wind, but the instant pace vs average for a workout segment it is not usable.
    I have been on Garmin for many years so I love to have all my data there, but with Strava that is device agnostic, maybe this Coros could be a good alternative.

  21. Better accuracy of race predictor. Eg. for distances that are not often covered during training.

  22. Crazy battery life, with solar so it doesn’t run out!

    Also retweeted this post -

  23. One feature that is important to me: HR accuracy. Both during workouts and the rest of the day.

  24. Features of this sportwatch that I would like to have are:
    -crown interaction
    – coros Smart gps technology
    – stryd integration .
    Beside that I’d like to try out the products of Coros which seems to innovate year by year.

    Also I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I’m always visiting this site when I want to have news about new products and rumours. You know your bussiness!
    By the way your review was the main reason why I’m wearing an oura ring now

    PS: retweet

  25. I’m super interested in running power. Got a PM on my bike which has been amazing so keen to see how power can help with running training and pacing.

  26. The feature I think running watches should have is to automatically choose the best GNSS/gyroscope combined to give as accurate as possible tracking for pace.

    The other is analytics, not so much a million and one stats/graphs but some real insight into what training to do or how your training run/ride/swim/gym session went and what to focus on. We are probably 5years away from this in the mainstream consumer domain

  27. Power based training – native support and hopefully being able to create some actual training based routines on it. Polar I’m looking at you!

  28. Accuracy and battery life. Two things I’m getting more frustrated with over time with my garmin!

  29. The best features are price and weight. Compared to G245 and G945, it is basically almost half of the weight and the price.

  30. Single feature: full Stryd integration with all metrics.
    Something nice: You’re my no. 1 site for info and reviews on sports tech. No other site I’m aware of even comes close.

  31. Voice prompts to announce pace without having to look down.

    Reliability – i’ve had to replace a number of Garmin units due to temp/ alt sensor failing.

  32. Battery life. Both because it enables tracking of longer runs and just being able to go out for a run without the added consideration of making sure your watch has enough juice to last.

  33. I think the most important feature is GPS tracking across all sports. (Open water swimming, cycling, and running (; )

  34. Accuracy in all conditions. Also, good open water swim GPS accuracy is a bonus.

    Thanks for the great reviews on your site!


  35. Important feature: Intuitive software. They mostly all seem accurate enough, but if the button controls or data analysis don’t make any sense, I’m out. (See: my old Suunto Spartan)

  36. Looking for a successor for my polar watch, and the single most important feature is a quick gps fix, so I can start running right away. With my current watch, I need to wait like a fool outside my front door…

      1. Yes I suppose so… But I guess only when it doesn’t, you realize the importance of it 😉

  37. I’m old school when it comes to the primary feature I want to work on a running watch; to know how far and how fast at any given point during the run. (You could say that’s two things, but given speed is distance/time, you have to have distance to get speed 🙃 )

    [done the retweet thing too]

  38. 1 single feature – good screen view with customization to view your lap stats etc when doing different sessions

  39. one single feature – enough battery life with gps and hrm on to do an all day (10+ hours) activity without having to charge

  40. Good question…Accurate distance, to stick to the basics, with a twist with the Stryd footpod…and hopefully the Coros Pace 2 soont !

  41. Yeah. Sounds really great. I would really like to compare this watch to my Garmin.
    Full Stryd-Support and native Power based structured Workouts? What i waited for.

  42. My single favorite feature would be to have solar charging good enough that allows the device to never need recharging.

  43. I just want an actual fitness focused watch with LTE (so not a vivoactive-type watch) so I can send my location while running and receive/send texts.

  44. Better Stryd integration, incl sync of power data with Strava, than my Garmin 645/Garmin Connect provides…..

  45. A solid platform behind it so it can be used as a personal trainer in various situations. I run with COPD and without an athletic background, so for me it is more a medical device aiding recovery.

  46. Single feature: accurate *and* precise (technically not the same, but for a layman two sides of the same coin)
    Feature two: don’t try to take over my world and try to read my contacts, my emails, my texts etc. Shutup and be a GPS datalogger, not a coffee machine.

  47. For me the most important thing is the accuracy of the gps and the heart rate. Follow-up of maps and possibility of interrelation with other runners as well. Greetings and excellent your analysis of career products.

  48. GPS accuracy exact heart rate. Good price and promotions. Great analysis of yours, The5kRunners

  49. Only just started running and nearly finished C25K and never had a running watch so not sure what feature would be most useful to me yet, but probably something basic like pace and distance to start with. That Coros Pace2 looks like an awesome watch for the price, can’t wait until they are in the shops 🙂

  50. Why only 1 feature? This watch has so many 😀 Power from your wrist, STRYD integration, post workout analysis, … The only missing feature is an integrated espresso maker!

    Thanks for the interesting content and the regular postings. Keep up the good work!

  51. My Garmin 630 has just cracked the screen, which also seems to have removed the ANT connection to the HRM strap, and I need a great running watch to replace it

  52. Since I have Forerunner 945 it’s hard to say that there is one single feature that is important to me. But with all of the features Pace 2 has, incredible battery life and ridiculously low weight, I could easily switch from Garmin ecosystem, music playback, on watch payments, and maps to this beast

  53. 1 feature – more buttons. I wish they would ditch the knob. It’s a lot easier to just reach down and hit up/down buttons when you’re running or riding your bike, then fiddling w/ the gimmicky crown.

  54. hi, my single feature is structured workout with power and including accurate post wokout analysis.

    Have a nice day,

  55. Lightweight and long battery life. Pace 2 sounds like the perfect replacement for my broken running watch!

  56. Power if it works properly
    I would like a bigger screen version though, probably 46 or 47mm much better

  57. Battery life is my top hope, though I do hope someday the COROS team can bring Spotify into their lineup.

  58. Hey,

    an accurate GPS track and at least 20-24 (real!) hours of battery time in normal GPS mode.

  59. I value battery life more than anything, and then accurate distance (aka foot pod compatibility). I like how you actually respond to comments-nice job. (Not fishing for a response). B

  60. I guess main feature from GPS watch must be accuracy, not crazy <1m accurate. And love your blog!

  61. One critical feature: Accurate instant pace.

    Something nice: It’s good to have your voice in sports tech.

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