STRAVA Art – Gets Festive

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STRAVA ArtGets Festive

Just when you thought it was safe to waste a tiny bit of time at work looking at cycling-related stories we get this. Yep, it’s another attention-grabbing piece of STRAVA art from the Pedalling Picasso aka Ant Hoyte. Those 2 minutes you had planned to read about a nice new pair of winter gloves suddenly morph into 30 minutes looking at the art, segment times and past works of yet another STRAVA artist.

This 126km labour of love took Anthony over 9 hours to complete. Yes, maybe he does need to find something better to do with his time but if we add up the cumulative time we will all spend admiring his pedalling prowess, I would imagine that the 9-hour, 2-wheeled investment will payback in thousands of hours of of our mutual, global enjoyment. So, perhaps it’s not a waste of time after all and he is just making the world a better place. Good for him!

Link: Anthony’s Strava workout

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If you have even more time to waste then check out my more general post on Strava Art a while back. This really covers EVERYTHING you never wanted to know about Strava art (yes, even that) including the rules, alternatives methods of display and, of course, links to lots of lovely pieces of Strava art and their original Strava sources.








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