Garmin Edge 1040 – in 2021 – Garmin leaks new top-end Bikenav

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Garmin Edge 1040 : Garmin leaks new top-end Edge


Garmin has recently published several lists of devices one of which included the as-yet-unreleased Edge 1040. Also Garmin’s smartphone app source code contains hard coded reference to the Edge 1040. I

What is the Edge 1040

The Edge 10xx devices are Garmin’s best and uber-featured bikenavs. The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus is undoubtedly the world’s best bikenav as of today, at least if you count the number of features and deep competency at navigation.

A new Edge 1040 would be the same physical format. To justify the new numbering, in my opinion, would only need a couple of new hardware additions and one headline feature. So that could simply be LTE and the new Sony GNSS chip. If LTE is the headline hardware feature then many of Garmins existing connected features would leverage LTE rather than your smartphone connection – I’m thinking group track, live track, incident alert, weather services and so on just as found on the 945LTE (2021). But there is much more that could be added (discussed here, subscribers only)

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
Edge 1030 Plus

I’m one of those cyclists who rarely take a phone, mainly because I don’t want to break my main iPhone if I crash and I don’t want to have to get a second phone contract to go on one of my old Android phones. So I would be very happy if an LTE Edge could leverage my existing O2 data plan in some fashion. At least for me, that would be one of those features that tipped me toward a particular device – I did have a spare SIM in my Karoo but it was a different size to the one in iPhone (?) and the contract didn’t include enough data etc etc…it was all too hard for a non-key feature.

The Garmin Edge 1040 should be with us in 2021

Q: What would you like to see in the Edge 1040

Ty @GH @PAV for the heads up!

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I’m one of those cyclists who rarely take a phone, mainly because I don’t want to break my main iPhone if I crash

While I can understand the sentiment, is that really a realistic fear? Do people break phones in crashes? I’d say a phone in a back pocket is one of the least likely things to get damaged in a crash, because it’s pretty well protected by your body taking the hit.

I’ve broken bones and damaged bikes in crashes, but my phone never even had a scratch.


I’ve written off 2 phones in crashes!

Arup Vidyerthy

I am more worried about breaking my bones than the phone 🙂


My phone bounced out of my back pocket going over a pothole, so I now put it in a wallet.


I have a cheap non smart phone and a PAYG SIM I only need it for emergencies. Why does anyone want an expensive smart phone when on a bike ride?


Uhmmm… USB C, finally, wireless charging, and 64-128gb built in memory, please! Also, odd a product named “Edge” does not have a true edge-to-edge display screen. Some of the more radical wish list changes might include text-to-speech option where you could received a text and then just talk right into the Edge 1050? and be able to communicate through your BT connected phone. Also, how about integrate the new Edge with a Garmin VIRB camera where when you have your head down in the full aero position – you can view the road ahead via your front-mounted VIRB camera. Oh, and how about a mini front facing camera that would work with Android and iOS Face Time where you could Face Time while you’re riding via your Garmin Edge… in addition, the front facing camera could be used in conjunction with the bike alarm feature so it would take pics/video if the alarm goes off and email that info as soon as a WiFi or BT connection is available. Why not?

Dmitry Pupkov

I bet it will finally include solar power. It totally make sense for me due to a large screen size (which is always upward to sun).


This is a good bet. With the already good battery life it would become pretty much infinite during the summer. The less i have to charge the better


All the features of the 540 and 840 of course. Buyers shouldn’t be forced to decide between software feature sets when they decide between form factors.

What I’d love to see is the “10” getting the hardware keys of the “5” in addition to the touchscreen of the “8”. It would be a nice excuse for the price segmentation (and also “allow” people in the key lovers group like most mountainbikers to pay the highest tier)


There won’t be a 5/840 before they have released a 1040. Features that were introduced on release for the 5/830 made it to the 1030 eventually.


$ unpack Garmin.Connect APK …
$ grep EDGE_1040
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tfk, the5krunner

thanks for grepping!