Garmin Edge 1040 – 3 Leaks & What we would like to see


Garmin Edge 1040

Edit: First Thoughts ‘Review’ on the Garmin Edge 1040 Here

There have been a couple of small leaks from April 2021 that seem to confirm the Edge 1040 will be here soon and I fully appreciate that the 540/840 should be expected first.

Alongside that, we might also see a simultaneous launch of the Garmin Edge 140 as Garmin is now often launching two models at the same time. However, there is zero intel for Edge 140.

Updated: 8 Apr 2022

What was added to the earlier 1030 Plus?

Looking back at the 1030+ (full Garmin Edge 1030 Plus review here) is important as it was a recent release from July 2020 and its updates involved faster internal tech that simply made it faster than the 1030 and with longer battery life. Thus I don’t think we will see a notably better processor or more onboard memory on the Edge 1040 as they were updated merely a year ago.

The 1030+ also received Firstbeat features and some catch-up features from the 530/830 plus a better setup. Other than the FB Daily Workout Suggestions, none of that was overly interesting!


Possible New Hardware Capabilities of an Edge 1040

Let’s return to the Edge 1040. Other than the inclusion of SOLAR, there are no leaks on any likely features however some interesting bets would cover these four hardware additions.

  • Edge 1040 LTE
  • Edge 1040 Solar
  • Latest gen of multi-frequency Airoha GNSS chip
  • Contactless payments – NFC

Remember Garmin acquired the following companies and they are certainly making use of the tech that came with them: GEOS (2021, for LTE), Firstbeat (2020, for physiology & training plans), iKubu (2015, for Varia), and SunPartner (2019, for Solar).

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LTE – 95%

LTE is an obvious addition to a bike computer. It would support live tracking and emergency incidents.

I would be surprised if the Edge 1040 didn’t have LTE, it might even come as standard ie without an option to get a non-LTE 1040.

However, when recently adding LTE to the 945 Garmin decided that change alone did not warrant a new monicker (955). Thus the Edge 1040 would need MORE HEADLINE FEATURES than just LTE to justify the name.

Consider also the kind of person who would buy the Edge 1040. Perhaps a richer cyclist would be more inclined to subscribe to Garmin’s premium services over LTE.

Solar – 80% 100%

I’m not sure that a Garmin Edge needs any kind of battery boosting tech when its current battery life is already great.

Furthermore, it’s not clear to me that the amount of energy Solar would capture would be significant compared to what an Edge 1040’s big, battery-guzzling screen might use. If, for example, 20-hour battery life can only be increased to 21 or 22 hours then…what’s the point? It’s the same argument for an AMOLED smartwatch with a day and a half battery life…what’s the point of boosting it by Solar for an hour or two?

There would also need to be an entirely new screen and a new solar panel around the screen edge if Garmin adopts the same approach to the siting of the solar panels as on the Fenix.

That said, it’s been confirmed from several sources that there is an Edge 1040 Solar!

Latest Gen of Sony GNSS Chip – 30%

The newest Sony chips use slightly more power than the current Sony chips to deliver extra accuracy.

What’s the point of a more accurate bike computer? A: Not much.

It would be interesting if accuracy under trees or responsiveness for navigation could be improved, yet that would still be niche usage.

On the other hand, if Garmin is introducing the newer generation en masse to all models, they might as well start with the high-end ones having already proved the tech in 2020 on handhelds.

Next Gen of Airoha GNSS Chip – 90%

These chips ARE more accurate for positioning in many most RUNNING scenarios when compared to Sony. Whether that translates to the same performances at riding speeds, IDK. I would assume it would translate. So long as the chips is then responsive (from a timeliness point of view) it will be great for navigation.

This chip is being rolled out across Forerunner/Fenix and so it’s a near-cert that Edge will get it to.

NFC – 5%

I don’t understand why I can’t already buy a coffee and cake by using my Garmin Edge for contactless payments. Maybe Garmin assumes we all carry smartphones when we cycle (I don’t) and so we could use Apple/Google Pay instead.

That’s hardware. If you have any other hardware suggestions please add them, below. An integrated camera is very unlikely to be added.

One rumour I have suggests we will see NFC but the FCC listings suggest otherwise

New Software Features on the Edge 1040

Turning to new software features, clearly Solar and LTE have significant software settings stashed away in the menus that, sort of, count as new software features. I suspect that a new headline sports feature is also needed.

Perhaps there could be some triathlon-related feature copying how Wahoo RIVAL/Bolt hand off to each other during triathlon transitions? A: I don’t think so as I don’t see ANY Edge 1030+ devices in triathlons (I’m sure there are some, I just don’t see them)

Perhaps the new, effort-related laps (open repeats) that are added to the 945LTE by automatically detecting efforts could be added to the Edge 1040? A: Probably!


We will probably see some usability improvements either visually or through different ‘menu’ access to features. However, we might also get a small feature or two such as a copy of Wahoo’s recent ‘pin’ screen which is a default screen for each profile that the Edge would snap back to after a given period of time enabling you to briefly change screen to view other data and then not worry about having to change screen back to where you started.

cDa Software Features

I guess the most likely addition would be the introduction of support for Garmin Vector Air (Rally Air) if that product is released at the same time. A top-end bike computer released alongside a top-end bike aero device makes sense.

Advanced Group Varia Features

In September 2021 there was a new Garmin FCC filing which, to me, looked like a new Varia of some sort. If you remember the RTL515 was essentially identical to the RTL510 with Bluetooth added. These are great products and they sell well. However, the battery life needs improving and whenever I pair one to a new Garmin Forerunner/Edge/Fenix I’m always intrigued about the Light network it creates. I appreciate that is created for the lights/radars on your bike but it just seems obvious that Garmin will eventually introduce some group riding features for light synchronisation and radar notifications.

Not Worth It – Garmin Varia RCT715 Review…but..

Maybe this will come to the 1040? A long shot, I know.

Extended ClimbPro Features

It’s highly likely that ClimbPro will be extended to match Karoo 2 predictive hill algorithms. Garmin might go one or two steps further if their flavour of the predictive hill algorithm can guess the hill or direct you to one based on personal or global heatmap data.


Take Out

Edge 1040 really is scheduled for a Summer 2022 release, its timing and sequencing are unusual, to say the least. Garmin simply won’t have masses of new sports features to introduce so there will be at least two significant hardware upgrades over the 1030+.

I would also call a dual-launch with the Edge 140 and/or an Edge Explore V2, although a cDa tool like Vector/Rally Air would be vastly more interesting and would also enable Garmin to deliver some TRUE sports functionality to justify a new pinnacle to their impressive bike computer range.

Is it made up?

What do you think?

See the two images, below! Maybe the 1030 Plus was originally going to be called the 1040 but Garmin had a change of heart? Well, to counter that, both the 1030+ and 1040 are listed in the APK hack from the second image although even then, the Edge 1040 may just have been left in there.

But I’m 99.9% confident the Edge 1040 will hit the shelves in 2022.


Screenshot from before the original was changed


do NOT upgrade – Garmin Edge 1040 – First Thoughts


do NOT upgrade – Garmin Edge 1040 – First Thoughts

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30 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1040 – 3 Leaks & What we would like to see

  1. Solar would be more interesting if they could use it to recharge the battery when not in use, so it’s always charged when you need it.

    1. Actually, it’s already the way Solar watches from Garmin works today. Do a complete shutdown of a fenix 6 Solar or Instinct Solar, place it under sunlight for a complete day and it will have 2-4% of battery increase at the end of day 😉

      1. yes, i was thinking more that when a bike computer is not in use during a ride, eg at a cake stop, then it will charge then as it could be in an ideal orientation to charge. a watch would be different as it would potentially be inside the cafe with you. Plus a bike computer can be more sensibly left in a window cill at home to charge whereas a watch perhaps should be on your wrist being used 24×7.

        So the bike computer benefits from charging scenarios that a watch wouldn’t.

      2. that is technically a bad idea: Lipo batteries must be empty when not in use to maximize their life expectancy (leave a Lipo fully charge 3 months without use, it will puff, and be dead). it is better to recharge it before going cycling.

  2. I was thinking it must have been someone getting carried away mistakenly when putting down the 1030 plus like you mentioned in the previous article. But since they removed the mention of 1040 and didn’t even bother to put 1030 Plus on there (When there are other plus devices listed) who knows what to think!

    Either way I am eager for a new computer, I need to replace a broken one and have been riding with just a watch for a while now. Starting to get tempted by the Karoo 2. The rumormill for fitness products seems non-existent lol

  3. I’m wondering if there will be also some kind of Edge Explore v2

  4. Is there any rumors about the edge 540? It makes sense to have the current 530/830 upgraded before the 1030+ which been released less than a year ago.

  5. biggest issue with all Garmin Edge is the antiquated UI and firmware, Garmin Fan boys typically don’t even notice this screen inout kag and misstyype until they firat time use an wahoo or karoo and then realize that garmin is stuck in a complete different century of usability…

    1. I spent 3.5 years on a 1030 Edge, before getting bored and going over to try the Karoo 2. I sent it back immediately. No amount of bling on the interface will make up for the atrocious battery life and unreliable sensor connectivity. At least my Garmin worked every time that I used it. Karoo mounts are garbage, too – they crack, the adapters aren’t a good fit either. No Blueooth data syncing. The list of limitations was too much for me. So much potential, but a permanent beta product.

  6. So what’s the second leak?

    Solar would be a nice excuse for the gargantuan bezel if screen-to-body does not improve a lot. And in daylight, energy consumption does not correlate with size anyways for a transflective screen that’s worth that name.

    LTE would be a market fit failure because cyclists are so much less phone averse than runners. Compared to the average runner, the average cyclist is carrying half a mobile home with them and the phone tends to be very low on the list of things they’d rather leave at home. Even an integrated camera (like on the old Xplova) would make more sense, or some emergency headlight. But my personal contender for the big post-1030+-feature is buttons in addition to the touchscreen. It simply doesn’t make much sense economically to make the cheapest device (ignoring the 130) the most desirable for the considerable group of people who insist on buttons (e.g. almost all mountainbikers)

      1. Ah, the blue thing, that one registered with my mind as some kind of next level ambitious ad targeting. Some kind of Connect Dalvik disassembly? Wouldn’t be surprising to see early signs of future product naming pop up there. But IPH seems silent so far, 1030+ became visible many months before release.

  7. – LTE 0%: Edges compatible with inReach. If you need SOS – buy inReach
    – Solar 0%: 1030 can work for about 25-30 hours! During this time, the sun will hide behind the horizon ))

    2-way GNSS – 80%
    Edge 1040 Music – 50% )))
    Xert™ Analytics – 10%
    Aerodynamic Analytics™ – 99%

      1. people do listen to music whilst cycling.
        in my personal opinion i don’t think that is safe or that it should be encouraged. I’m guessing a manuacturer might consider related lawsuits and shy away from such features?

      2. If you use bone conduction headphones (like Aftershockz) it is working very well and you are still able to notice the environment noise. I often use them listening music with my F6xPS on the handlebars (my Edge 830 is also on the handlebars because of the bigger display). And I am even able to get the sound warnings from my rtl 516 via the headphones from my wearable while listening music. So that might be absolutely a good idea to have the possibility to have music on a new Edge (and to be able to get the varia rtl sound via Edge)

  8. How about adding a few new hands free features to the 1040, 840 and even the 540 like:
    Noise canceling microphone and a good speaker
    Voice commands for screen navigation and device functions
    Link to BlueTooth Earbuds / Headphones
    Phone link to also:
    Receive texts to the Garmin
    Answer calls via the Garmin mic and speaker or USB connected earbuds
    Proxy Google, Alexa or Siri commands
    Walkie Talkie
    360 degree camera lens attachment and battery (Like the Motorola Z4 accessory)
    SDCard Slot

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