Ground-breaking sports wearables inbound – starting this week with Coros

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This is it. Image|Coros FB

new Coros next week – 17 August

“There’s a new Coros coming next week” and Coros has officially OK’d the release of generic statements like that! Oh, and the image above is from their FB page.

I already have the detailed information which is under embargo, some of which IS groundbreaking. It’s NEW TECH for SPORTS that will be available for our wrists for the first time from ANY vendor. I can’t say much more than that other than to hold fire on any other purchases!

There will be 2 new watches from Coros but it’s just the one model that has all the exciting stuff on it. And, yes, there is other exciting stuff on the same watch that might further shake up some parts of the current sports wearables market.

Must Read: Coros Pace 2 Review – one of the best running watches of the year.

Coros has also said this will be their biggest launch so far. That’s partly because of the nature of the product and also, I guess, because they have some cash in the bank on the back of successful sales of the Coros Pace 2 😉

Guesses welcomed below! I won’t comment other than to say that I do NOT think I would have correctly guessed all the details on this one bearing in mind it’s a watch from a relatively small company like Coros.


Coros Pace Review M1 Multisport
Coros Pace (2018)

Dura-Ace 12 Speed

Less eventful news suggests a 12 speed Dura-Ace Di2 is on the way…soon. But we already knew that.




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28 thoughts on “Ground-breaking sports wearables inbound – starting this week with Coros

  1. I really hope for maps but not all of the world in one watch but maybe download per region that would be great

    1. Maps on a watch have been available for years 😉 It has to be something else for t5kr to write it’s “groundbreaking”. I’m intrigued…software (new “metrics” ?) or hardware (blood pressure ?). TBH my Coros Pace 2 does pretty much I want it to. Ah non, it doesn’t have VAM 😉

      BTW I got an email saying the announcement was on the 17th, has the date changed to the 12th ?

  2. I hold my breath for GROUNDBREAKING news from Coros, because the last time they said that, it was metrical data that’s existed for near a decade on competitors.

    Whatever the case, part of this news better be a completely revamped and overhauled app. It’s still awful.

  3. OK…I am intrigued. I keep re-reading that line, “NEW TECH for SPORTS.” I am thinking they are carrying over existing watch hardware into the sports category. Possibly kinetic charging? Here is my thought on the new hardware rollout:

    1) VERTIX INFINITE with Kinetic Charging, Maps and Solar. Slightly bigger housing. $799
    2) VERTIX PRO with Maps and Solar. $699

    So now you have three VERTIX options and price points just like the APEX line. VERTIX is overdue for a product upgrade/additon and I am sure COROS is stoked to get this tech out before the next Fenix drops.

    I will say…I have been wrong waaaaay more times than I have ever been correct. lol. Also, would you need solar if you have kinetic charging?

  4. Maps? Glucose, hydration, blood pressure (not interesting for training?). Maybe some arm heat based charging? Next gen/dual freq Galileo (does it work right now?) Or maybe some other approach to wrist based hr (e.g. ultrasonic)? There is plenty of things which can be done better. And hardware is not the only way.

  5. It would be enough to fix bugs in the Coros application and tweak some features of the existing watch. If it was a new watch, I expect that they will be able to adjust the intensity of the backlight, they still can’t …

  6. As others have said, actively measuring glucose or hydration will be “ground breaking new tech for sport”.

  7. A presumably new watch pic under water on COROS FB page. By the looks of it, larger screen and thinner bezels a la Fenix 6. Something that might be an overlay over the map on display… Is it why F6X got suddenly discounted? Was water related to some new features (IR to sense hydration from blood flow?) or simply used to obscure design?

    Either case, I agree with other posters… Without a major app clean-up and fixing dozens of quality of life issues and bugs, no revolutionary tech is going to matter much in the long run. No pun intended.

    1. Depressing stuff first. Just checked out their Facebook group. Looks like their is some pretty glaring bugs on certain parts of the app (the only platform Coros offers to view your data) such as maps not overlaying on your runs.

      Regarding the exciting stuff mentioned on their Facebook page. Most of the marketing stuff on the August 17 launch event mention the word adventure. Garmin Fenix competitor?

      The following is also mentioned: “We will be introducing not one, but two new watches with groundbreaking technology created for road and trail running, climbing and backcountry skiing and mountain adventure. It’s going to be an insanely fun time for all types of athletes.”

      New tech for road and trail running?

      1. Coros is very fast growing startup with a lot of potential, I believe they are capable to make something really new. I know few people who are using Coros watches and are very happy about it. Don’t expect their products to be as mature as Garmin, this is normal when you try to build something innovative and new.

  8. I am glad competition in the sports watch market comes back. Coros replaced Polar as innovator company in the market. The better Coros will be the sooner we will see 955.

  9. LTE, providing regional weather station pressure corrections to elevation due to local weather pressure changes (the past week, each of my runs (out and back) have ended dozens of meters “under” the starting elevation (typical Texas weather pressure changes).
    Or GPS satellite elevation correction of elevation pressure changes, something most chipsets CAN do, but it seems very few do (or some once an hour, leading to large jumps up/down corrections periodically).
    Umm…. a web portal worth a darn, wouldn’t be new to the market, but new to Coros.
    Polar branding on their watches and Flow integration????? THAT would be a monumental game changer (hey, one could dream).
    More buttons, less crown? Ability to control GoPro (nope, been done, Polar v800, nm)… umm.. power is now all over… umm… everyone has hit on the BP, Glucose, hydration “wishes” from the wrist… umm… maps onboard, been done many times, SHOULD be done here if it’s a monumental announcement though…
    I’m just trying to think of anything monumental that SOMEONE out there hasn’t done… nothing comes to mind… active SPO2 sensing while working out? No one does it well, it’s a fundamental challenge of mechanics, but doesn’t mean they haven’t figured something out (not thinking that’s related though)….
    Between Garmin, Polar, and Stryd, pretty much every meaningful metric is available in an associated “sports watch” ecosystem…
    Receive radio (AM/FM, old school) on the watch? I’m sure it’s been done by a “watch” but maybe not a dedicated sports watch? LOL, it’d be a low-power way to have music while running at least without the challenges of streaming or loading music to the device.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    1. “????? THAT would be a monumental game changer (“….a monument is hard to build, it needs lots of pieces of stone
      “ground-breaking sports wearbles” …. breaking the ground is MUCH easier, you just need a single big hammer or a half-decent spade

    2. Why does someone make TWS earbuds that has a built in FM receiver? I am guessing space for the antenna will be a problem, but could probably do sport style earbuds that connect to each other via a wire that goes around the back of your head.

  10. So, a gimmick pace 2 package with pod and the Vertix2, which is just their version of the F6Pro, but with ECG tests and a battery draining (no matter what they’re claiming) GPS dual band frequency. Coros are great at battery life, but I don’t believe the numbers they’re claiming.

    That was superbly underwhelming.

    1. ?it’s the first non-Garmin company to properly offer maps and music on a par with garmin high end products
      it’s the first company with a dual frequency gnss chipset for sports…

      you can wait to be whelmed by Apple in September but it will be a slightly thicker and less rounded case with about 5% more battery life. that’s much less whelming IMO

      1. I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for reviews of GNSS performance both re accuracy and re battery drain. Also for the HRV functionality. That said, though, I think that the prospect of maps on the original Vertix should be enough to keep me happy for a while longer. Just as well, because 1. I’m not really looking to upgrade after just eleven months and 2. the sheer size of the Vertix 2 might be a bit much for us small-wristed folk to handle.

      2. The maps aren’t exclusive to the Vertix 2. Global maps sure, but partial regional maps are coming to the Vertix 1 and Apex Pro. That, my opinion, is shooting themselves in the foot financially.

        Having topo maps exclusive to the Vertix2 would have made people think about moving to it, but now? Not so much, not unless they’re the very tiny group of world traveling hikers and mountain climbers out there.

        Yes dual band frequency is great, the visual display included of it in action, wasn’t reassuring. The climb and trail, was good, the city one, not really. And I get the Vertix is a hiking outdoors watch, but really how many users or potential customers use watches exclusive for that, and how many users don’t?

        It’s also chunky, moreso than the Prior model and even the Fenix.

        I’m using the Apex Pro for a year now, this didn’t intrigue me for me needs, not on that beast and not for that price tag, especially with their really tiny 3rd party support and annoying file export process.

        And no, I don’t want the apple either, particularly I don’t use apple products. All this demo told me was either look elsewhere, or stay put and buy nothing new, my current watch is still being supported.

  11. I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for reviews of GNSS performance both re accuracy and re battery drain. Also for the HRV functionality. That said, though, I think that the prospect of maps on the original Vertix should be enough to keep me happy for a while longer. Just as well, because 1. I’m not really looking to upgrade after just eleven months and 2. the sheer size of the Vertix 2 might be a bit much for us small-wristed folk to handle.

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