Coros Pace Review M1 Multisport

COROS Pace Giveaway

The nice people at COROS are giving away one of their super triathlon COROS Pace watches This competition is NOT run by me but please do enter on their Instagram page Link to competition (here) on More info about the watch is below in my review Coros Pace Review  

Coros Pace Review M1 Multisport

COROS Pace Review

In this COROS Pace Review we take a good look at the latest GPS, multi-sport watch from COROS. The Pace model is sometimes called the PACE MULTISPORT or PACE M1. Either way, it’s their first triathlon watch. I have been using the Pace for about 2 months and have been waiting to produce this review…

5k parkrun – well off my PB…why?

Today wasn’t one of my most glorious performances. I managed a sneaky PB in around October last year. I’ve been training reasonably well since then. Certainly enough to have improved. Yet today I knew that I had only managed a long run 6 days previously. And before that I’d been focusing on building up my…