Garmin Instinct 2 Pictures Emerge

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Garmin Instinct ReviewGarmin Instinct 2 Pictures Emerge

If it doesn’t rain it pours. It almost feels like January will see Garmin refresh every single product in its current line up plus re-launch a few of the old ones. Instinct is no exception. Here are some pictures of Garmin Instinct 2. Enjoy the cleverness by which Garmin has made the smallest screen in the world appear actually quite large.

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Instinct is a baby Fenix or, more correctly, a baby Adventure watch in the mould of the Fenix. Its innards are quite different and the outer is more of a tribute to Casio than the Fenix. Nevertheless, it was one of the runaway successes for 2019 and to a lesser extent for the Solar model that followed.

I never liked it as a watch but that’s irrelevant as it is a good adventure watch for the price and you guys loved it.

What might Instinct 2 contain? #Shrug: Mil Std certification; new Elevate oHR; new GNSS chip; improved solar; a few tweaks which will inevitably give a better battery life.


Perhaps more exciting news today is the emergence of Fenix 7 photos and I also have detailed Fenix 7 features.


Here’s an old review of a product that performed very well for Garmin


Garmin Instinct 2 ☀️ Solar, 2s, First Thoughts



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14 thoughts on “Garmin Instinct 2 Pictures Emerge

  1. More battery life? Isn’t the Instinct Solar almost able to run indefinitely on solar alone (when enough?)

    The Instinct is half-appealing to me – much simpler, longer battery life, etc. – but also no CIQ at all, and I’ve gotten too used to just a few CIQ apps – e.g. Komoot for easy transfer of tracks to the watch. It is possible without, just annoying…

  2. Thinking of returnig my just bought solar of 1 week ago as I have a 2 week retun option.
    As it is winter here … I better wait a bit longer and buy the new version.
    Even better batt life, better hr sensor, different placement of barometer sensor hole, …

    1. Even without having an idea about the price. Then I would return the solar.

      I would even say that the solar part is not worth the money – it give you little or no extra juice at all to my experience.

      1. Solar is not really woth it for Fenix models, but with the Instinct it’s possible to get a really significant battery life improvement, it’s a much more efficient model because of the mono screen. If you live in a sunny country (think Southern Europe for example), where you can have >300 non-rainy days a yera, it’s a pretty good option.

  3. With the charger port relocated to the bottom there may be a possibility of a battery band. Latest Venu 2 leaks have similar, though the Epix/Fenix renders do not.

    1. ah, I’d forgotten about that. ty
      Did I mention that there might be a battery charging band with the Epix (IIRC either that or the f7x) ? i think i wrote about it somewhere behind the evil paywall.
      so, yes, that would make sense that the Venu and other ‘top of the range’ models get that option too. Instinct I’m MUCH less sure about…it will be lucky to get CIQ !!

  4. From radio interference filings, it seems there will be a 47 and 42 mm version, but not a 45 anymore. That’s a shame, because it’s a typical men’s adventure watch, and 45 seemed just right, whereas 47 for such a small screen seems bloated. The bigger version of course will have a slightly bigger battery. Some have speculated the display will be e-ink instead of lcd mips, but that makes little sense, because there would be no graphical transitions and a slightly worse contrast, with the main battery hog being the hr sensor anyway. Perhaps they have opted for two new sizes to use the same pcbs as their other watches, thus cutting production costs. Apart from that, perhaps less nm for the chips, thus battery savings there. Maybe different barometer port placement. And new hr sensor, as can be seen.

    1. thanks for that FCC spot, i’d missed that (47/42mm)
      i think the Instinct2 will have a mini surprise in it. it’s not just a me-too baby fenix.
      IIRC it unexpectedly had the first gen 3 elevate (or something like that, excuse my memory)
      probably the surprise will be as simple as CIQ,

  5. Interesting would be if they managed to sort out the really crappy altimeter, which is the single reason I’m not 100% happy with the first-generation Instinct.

    * Getting the 10 floors confirmation while not leaving my living-room
    * Getting below sea-level when doing cross-country-skiing
    * Ridiculous altimeter-graph when cycling
    The correction that can be applied afterwards only help so much…

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