Coros Pace 3 poll & teaser

Coros Pace 3 poll & teaser

My money is definitely on a Coros Pace 3 review appearing next Tuesday (29 Aug, above).

new Coros Features with Turn By Turn

It’s a good bet to say that it should have most of the newly added features. It’s also a good bet that many of the new hardware bits and pieces added to the Apex 2 Pro could also be updated like the HRM and dual frequency, multi-constellation GNSS. However, the two big imponderables are the price point and the screen.

Garmin has finally cracked the AMOLED screen conundrum and can now deliver excellent battery life alongside a beautiful high-resolution screen. And it’s those kinds of screens that are needed to turn a pure sports watch into a 24×7 watch for people to wear outside of sport.

I know the answer but would like to test the water to see what you all think so…will the Coros Pace 3 have an AMOLED screen? What do you think?


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10 thoughts on “Coros Pace 3 poll & teaser

  1. I don’t think it will have amoled. Or if it will, I think (hope) it will be a non amoled version.

    Based on the pictograms, it has better gps, better hr sensor and better battery life, more sport profiles (more than 20?), hrv(?), music control/storage and touchscreen.

  2. Maybe breadcrumb/maps for navigaton.
    The issue with the AMoled screen on the Pace is that the upper tier APex/Vertix will look pretty dated…

  3. Is no company on the market able to use the next generation MIP screens in watches?
    P.S. Please check when the Amazfit Pace watch was released and what screen resolution it had.

  4. Hope will have mip screen but with more pixel density. There is no option on the market with these characteristics!

  5. I sold my Pace 2 because I could not read the screen during activities. Font is just too small. I have received for free an Amazfit Cheetah Round and although the Pace 2 was more accurate, the screen of the Cheetah is incredible. Also the Pace 2 Navi was looking really really cheap.

    1. amazfit has some great bits of hardware. i had (have!) the original stratos from 5 years ago. i thought amazfit would take over the world for a brief few days. I just don’t think there was much substance behind the prettiness. admittedly things must have changed for the better with them over the last few years.

  6. AMOLED in a smartwatch with some sport watch features? Sure. But in dedicated sports watch, with only some smartwatch features, it’s a hard “no” for me. Visibility in full sun and battery life are far more important.

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