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Source: http://uk.wahoofitness.com/skin/frontend/wahoo/default/images/tickrcat/tickrx.png
Source: http://uk.wahoofitness.com/skin/frontend/wahoo/default/images/tickrcat/tickrx.png

I’ll be having a look at the latest TICKR heart rate product soon. A very interesting product with smart bits inside. Similar, but probably better, than Garmin’s HRM-RUN.


TICKR X records up to 16 hours of heart rate, calorie burn, and elapsed time, as well as capturing indoor cycling cadence

(London – September 15, 2014) – Wahoo Fitness, the leader in fitness apps and products that utilise the power of smartphones, has introduced the TICKR X to their family of workout wearables. The TICKR X has the ability to capture the workout metrics of heart rate, calorie burn, and duration in device-free mode and auto-sync the data to a smartphone later, ideal for high-intensity workouts where carrying a phone is not an option.

When used in online mode with a phone, the TICKR X also has advanced motion analytic capabilities, and can capture indoor cycling cadence, with plans to add more activities in the future. Athletes can then upload their TICKR X workouts to over 50 of the most popular fitness apps including Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness and Cyclemeter/Runmeter. TICKR X pairs with iOS and Android (device-free sync and motion analytics coming soon to Android) smartphones as well as other fitness devices and is available from early October 2014 for £79.99 at uk.wahoofitness.com and in Apple retail stores.

“Certain strength training workouts and other high-intensity exercises can prevent the athlete from carrying their phone, or it may be one of those days where the athlete simply forgets his or her phone,” says Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “TICKR X provides heart rate, calorie numbers, and duration post-workout by auto-syncing on the phone, giving those athletes the information they need to stay on track in order to meet their fitness goals.”

TICKR X also features a rapid double tap control giving the athlete the option to add markers at specific points so that they can be reviewed post-workout. A simple double tap and the unit responds with a vibration to notify the athlete that the marker has been made. When used in online mode with a phone, the double tap feature can control music playback or insert laps.

TICKR X features all of the functions as the TICKR Run including Running Smoothness™, a sophisticated algorithm that assigns varying levels of importance to a runner’s vertical, side-to-side and front-to-back axis, and combines them into a single, easy-to-understand index. It also measures vertical oscillation and ground contact time, which, when added to Wahoo’s proprietary Running Smoothness algorithms, gives any runner a 360o view into their running form. Using Wahoo’s app, runners can even track their Running Smoothness through their workout history to see improvements over periods of time. TICKR X also features Wahoo’s Burn and Burst™ program, which simplifies heart rate training. For more information on the science of BURN & BURST click here.

ANT+ and BLE capable, TICKR X easily connects to a range of smartphones and GPS watches. The Wahoo Fitness app is available from the App Store on iPhone and iPad and from the Google Play store for Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android OS 4.3 or greater. Train Free, Train Perfect, with the TICKR X – the ultimate workout wearable.

For more information on Wahoo Fitness, please visit uk.wahoofitness.com

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