Favero Assioma – New Power Meter Pedals Announced – it’s BePro Version 2

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Favero-AssiomaToday’s announcement of the Assioma power meter pedals from Favero shows just how successful the version 1.0 products were – ie how successful the BePro single- and dual-sided models were. They sold well and have enabled investment in a new and upgraded model…the ASSIOMA

There are two models – the DUO and the UNO. Even with my limited knowledge of Italian I can guess the difference. My knowledge of Italian is limited to three words; Rome, Duo and Uno. So I’m good.

Here’s the pricing before we come on to the differences to the original v1 BePro.

  • Favero Assioma UNO € 499.00 ($559)
  • ​Favero Assioma DUO € 799.00 ($899)

So, it’s similar pricing to the BePro and the GBP prices will likely be a similar number.

What’s changed?

  1. Battery life from 30 hours to over 50 (this is good)
  2. Ccharging is by a proprietary clip NOT micro USB (image below, looks better and improved over USB)
  3. Installation appears even easier with screen-in like a regular pedal (remains to be seen what calibration is required)
  4. Also now Bluetooth SMART compatible (good but only of limed market potential…might help link to your smartphone and STRAVA though?)
  5. Automatic temperature compensation (sounds good if it works)
  6. Favero quote: “a total weight of only 149.5 grams (including batteries), is the lightest power meter pedal ever”
  7. Favero quote: “When the battery of a pedal is low, a special signal appears on the bike computer: this indication means that there are still about 8 hours of autonomy”
  8. Smartphone app is new



Other Improvements Which MAY OR MAY NOT Be Included. ie These WOULD also be an improvement IF included

  1. More clearance from unusual cleats to avoid use of shims
  2. More robust outer casing
  3. Other pedal/cleat types would be good and this is quoted: “it is easily adjustable to any current footwear on the market.”. this might just mean you can change cleats!


The issue is going to be availability.

Availability might be July/August. Josh at PowerMeterCity is open for pre-orders NOW. The BePro v1 originals had a high initial demand. Indeed demand now is still good with single-sided pedals generally sold out. Pre-ordering now would be a good idea…. (just saying).


power meter city
Clicks through to FAVERO at PMC


Buying from the PowerMeterCity link helps this blog in a small way. Thank you. There’s a general 10% discount for you with the code the5krunner10 at PowerMeterCity it’s worth a try to see if that code works for the Assioma.

Here Are The Specifications:

  • Power sensor position: on the left pedal (Assioma UNO); on both pedals (Assioma DUO) L/R power balance: double-sided power data, based on individual power measurements, not estimates (only with Assioma DUO)
  • Cadence sensor: included, inbuilt Total weight per pedal: 149,5 g (battery included)
  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery life: at least 50 hours
  • Radio communication: Bluetooth v4.0, ANT+ PWR profile (CT + PO)
  • Accuracy power measurement: ± 2%
  • Temperature compensation:  -10°C / +60°C
  • Water resistance degree: IP67
  • Q-factor: 54mm Hardware upgrade:
  • Assioma UNO to Assioma DUO Firmware updates: Via Bluetooth with Favero Assioma
  • App Compatible cleats: Original LOOK Kéo and Favero cleats (red and black)
  • Bike type: racing/road
  • Warranty: 2 year




Here’s the formal press release: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9eqhFasXEIqVG5RNm5XTWl5TUU


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FYI, the number “2” in italian is spelled “Due” (DOO-eh)

“Duo” is the proper spelling and use though due to the description of a pair of something; so you’re half right 😛


Fair enough, just to be clear with this, the power meter is just the pedal? just screw it into the crankshaft and go? I won’t lie, i’ve avoided getting a power meter for my bike (as I bike for training reasons, maybe 1-2 week) and didn’t think spending north of $400 bucks for an entire assembly on the bike was worth it. As a goof I tried wearing my Stryd for my last bike outing (It’s a power meter and it worked!….terrible), but for a pedal alone (even with that price tag) it may be worth the investment (due to how simple it can be to move it from bike to bike).


Look like Favero just revised the Assioma official price. Duo will be priced just slightly above P1S. At this launch price, I think we can witness accelerated P1xit and Vectorexit from Euro (market) soon…

Simon Coughlan

Any update on when we can buy one