Garmin Vector 3 – review still not here ? why?

Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vector
Vector 2 😉

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I’ve still not published a Garmin Vector 3 Review on this site. Why so?

First up, I’d have to buy them as I don’t get any Garmin freebies and devote a considerable amount of time to writing something (probably 2 weeks if you include the bike test rides). Plus when they were released I hadn’t yet got to the point where I could simultaneously test 3 power meters (I can now).

Then in June 2018, Garmin issued a re-designed battery cover to correct a design fault and this started some alarm bells ringing for me. I mean, Vector 3 is claimed to be accurate and looks very pretty but if water gets into it, the claimed accuracy will eventually mean diddly-squat.

Well, Cycling Weekly have just highlighted ANOTHER battery cover release from Garmin for the Garmin Vector 3. Jeez, how many tries do Garmin need to get it right? Cycling Weekly downgraded their rating of the Vector 3 from 10/10 to 5/10. I just don’t want you guys wasting your time and money that said, there are many happy Vector 3 owners out there.

I also look back at the Vector 2, which I quite liked at the time. But that pod wasn’t exactly a pretty bundle of joy and I think I ended up buying 2 or 3 pod replacements as well as having other issues over time.

As I’ve pointed out before, I use the Favero Assioma pedals regularly. I had probably the first-ever pair in the UK. I’m still using that exact same pair and they work fine. I’m sure there are some issues with the Assioma that you will find on various forums, indeed my friend had one side fail a couple of weeks back after 18 months of use but was immediately sent a replacement. But, as I say, I’ve had no problems.

Honestly folks, the Assioma just mostly work. To me, they’re like a chest strap. #JUSTWORKS. Wahoo Elemnt… #JUSTWORKS. If you’re pushed for time, you know what to do.


Favero ASSIOMA Review – Longterm Report



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6 thoughts on “Garmin Vector 3 – review still not here ? why?

  1. Have the ‘3. Battery problem abundant, it had to be taken care of like a baby. Returned it…

      1. Yes I did get an email saying they would send me an updated battery cover (and also the plastic bit that holds the battery in the pedal body). I’ve ordered it, but not received yet. I can report when I get it.

  2. My Vector 3 consistently flashes “right power sensor missing” randomly into a ride, usually after a couple hours.. wasn’t able to figure out why, dealer said I should reinitialise the unit but that doesn’t work.. “software up to date”. …
    Any idea welcome!

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