Xert Users – get a sweet FREEBIE…no strings.

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Xert & Bike The World Team Up

Video Library

Xert Subscribers get some nice freebies today with free access to Bike the World training (video) content and, conversely, Bike The World Subscribers now get free access to Xert’s features. That must come under the dictionary definition of Win-Win.

What Does Xert Do?

Xert is an interesting training platform, in my opinion, that bases much of its tools and analyses on how much energy/power you have left in the tank. As you train hard above FTP then what you have left will start to decline. There is a ‘complete’ training package around this concept with adaptive training and some nice Garmin CIQ tools ranging from the free What’s My FTP to Strava Segment Pacers and structured workouts for the app that can control your smart trainer.

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What Does Bike The World (BTW) Do?

Bike The World has a large library of videos of some of the world’s best cycling routes. They are high-quality, panoramic videos shot from the rider’s perspective with playback adjusted for your real speed.


Put both together and add in some chat and group facilities and you’ve got a great package.


bike the world xert
Workout player dashboard, plan, chat and performance


Q: Would You Use This Combo?

A: Yes, I think I would. If I weren’t doing this blog and just cycling then I’m pretty sure I would use a Wahoo Bolt 2 and Xert. I certainly fancy trying a few of the classic climbs and also reliving the few that I’ve done in recent years.

Even doing this blog I’d still be tempted to get hold of a Wahoo CLIMB and do a few of the climbs properly. I don’t mind the occasional indoor session and prefer this type of thing to the more gamefied world of Zwift.

Q: Who Else Is Xert + BTW Good For?

This will be good for clubs and groups of friends to arrange to meet at the same time and do group rides together, supported by the Rocket Chat app. But this will be more geared for groups who want to follow the same structured workouts and personalised to their own ability level. And why not do that workout whilst heading up the Tourmalet? 😉

Q: What Is SImilar to Xert + BTW

Wahoo’s SYSTM is similar but SYSTM doesn’t have the group rides or the ability to do outdoor rides.


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