2022 London Marathon – Strava foresights

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2022 London Marathon – What to expect from Strava


The 2022 London Marathon hits the streets of the capital this weekend and there should as always, be an excellent turnout providing the train strikes don’t interfere with people’s plans too much.

Strava has analysed stats from last year to offer some insights on what to expect this year. There were around 80,000 runners last year if you add together those doing the real and virtual events. More than half of those logged the ride on Strava…an impressive stat.

It seems that using Strava makes you faster 😉 The average time by a Strava user was 4:19:54 compared to the overall average of 4:22:50, which probably means that the average time for a non-Strava user was about 4:25:30 if you think about it. Strava makes you almost 5 minutes faster. So if you haven’t got a Strava account yet you know what to do. Forget the Nike AirFlys and just sign up for Strava. Simple. Perhaps. Maybe. (It’s not)

8% of Strava users registered a sub-3-hour finish time whereas another 7% of men came in just short of 3-hour coming in below 3 hours 5 minutes. More than one in ten women logged Strava times of under 3 hours 35 minutes,

Turning to the route itself, watch out for mile four and don’t go too hard on mile 5. Mile four is the slowest with an average time of 11:39 whereas Mile 5 boasts an average time of 09:01. Someone needs a Stryd to pace the efforts more evenly.


What is the best Marathon Watch?

It’s almost certainly too late to get one now but the best tech to use for a marathon is INaccurate tech. Studies from a few years back showed that if your watch was wrong and underestimated your speed by ‘a bit’ you actually would run faster.

I know I haven’t convinced you on that point and that you want accurate tech. In which case the Apple Watch Ultra is a good one to go for. Maybe it’s a tad heavy even though it’s made of titanium and you might want a good old-fashioned plastic watch like the Coros Pace 2 or Garmin Forerunner 255, both excellent lightweight choices. The other great option is a Polar Pacer Pro.

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