STRAVA Live Segments – Best Ever Implementation? Hammerhead Karoo

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STRAVA Live Segments – best yet?

STRAVA Live segments are an on-device feature that normally let you compete against the KOM or your PR/PB of your favourite starred segments. It requires a STRAVA Premium account, although there are limited workarounds.

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I’ve mostly used the Wahoo Elemnt implementation and it’s alright and many of you will have used Garmin’s. All the different flavours from each head unit manufacturer are fine to use, although perhaps sometimes there are slight lags and perhaps sometimes the display could be improved.

Well, Hammerhead has just announced new STRAVA Live Segment functionality for their Karoo 1 device. (see here for Karoo 2 info, later in 2020). In good-old Hammerhead style, this looks to be the best-looking implementation out there.

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I’ve not seen it yet in the flesh but here are some screenshots from Hammerhead and a video too. Hammerhead users (me included) will get the live firmware in a week or so but beta users should have it now.

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Pictures paint a thousand words and you can see from the screenshots that the main in-segment screen looks great. Plus the segment info looks great too with, for example, your recent best PR being shown as well as your best-ever. No doubt there will be some more goodies squirrelled away in there too, any feedback from the beta tester welcomed below.

For now, here is a video and, to be clear, this feature will be on the Karoo 1 and Karoo 2 for sure.



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Wahoo is ideal in this topic.


In addition, visible on the LEDs are we from the front or back. Quick COM / PR switch


Strava no longer gives you the choice of payment, as it used to be. Payment for everything is expensive.