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Coros Vertix mojito & new bands

There is now a MOJITO case variant of the Coros Vertix. The green casing material in the following images is translucent, meaning you can make out some of the inner workings of the watch. I have the equivalent ICE BREAKER ‘blue’ version which is a cool idea. I would have liked EVEN MORE visibility of the innards, nice idea though. There are only 200 of these available so if/when Coros take over the sporting GPS world then these will be prized collectors’ items. Maybe.


Also available is the SPACE TRAVELER (sic) which is a speckled metallic body

There’s more. Also released today are the new ultra-light Nylon straps. Interesting fact, NYLON was simultaneously discovered/researched in New York (NY) and London (LON)…hence the name.

Exciting features of the new COROS VERTIX Mojito:

  • 60 Hours of Battery Life in Full GPS Mode, 150 Hours of Battery Life in UltraMax Mode
  • Blood Oxygen saturation readings and altitude advisory feature via SpO2 sensor
  • 45 days of battery life in standard mode
  • First of its kind Track Run mode
  • Detailed training metrics and performance evaluations
  • Barometric Altimeter for precise altitude readings
  • New strength training mode featuring over 200 preloaded exercises

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4 thoughts on “new Coros Vertix mojito

  1. Should we add waypoints or additional navigation features to our “adventure watch”?
    Naaa…let’s do yet another limited addition variant instead!

    1. I will make the change now to Coros with this watch because of the Garmin outage. Seems pretty nice. Especially the battery life

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