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Garmin introduces ridiculous Badge

Garmin’s achievement badges are clearly a great way to encourage and incentivise lots of people. They’re not me but they work.

The latest running badge is far too easy in my opinion.

80 hours of running per month.

So that’s not 80 miles or 80 kilometres and it’s for running not cycling. EIGHTY HOURS of running….in a month. ONE month. Jeez. We all love running but that’s HARD.

You have to question if there is anyone who loves badges who is able to run that much – I’m assuming that badge-lovers generally aren’t elite athletes. For once, I think that is NOT an unreasonable assumption from me?

Even at 10km/h or 6:00/km that’s 800km or 500 miles. And for 5:00/km that’s something like 960km or 600 miles.

Even cheating by incorrectly tagging your runs as rides only make it a bit easier. It’s duration…not distance.

Garmin Enduro

This probably 😉 has something to do with February’s release of the Garmin Enduro Solar running watches, probably the first Forerunner-esque model with the Garmin Fenix 6 SOLAR tech.





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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Eagerly awaits “Around the world on 80 days” badge ……

John Kissane

Hmm think I’ll pass on that one. Just for fun, I had a look to see what sort of monthly kilometerage I was doing when training to take part in Comrades & sad to say it fell far short of that level. Guess I just wasn’t trying hard enough.


Yikes! Even at my fittest when I ran 80-ish MPW, I was only at 9-11 hours per week. I can’t imagine doubling that! Even slowing down and doing daily doubles, that’s insane. The badge looks to show trail shoes and mountains, so I guess more for ultra runners? Watch sounds interesting though!

Rui Pereira

From what I can see the badge is not active yet, the image could be from a QC enviroment for example. But if it’s correct, I’m guessing even endurance afficionados will only be able to earn it in a multi-day event like Tor des Géants.

Maybe Garmin will launch the Enduro model during a specific event, so had to postpone the launch because of the pandemic?


There are various FB groups where badge lovers discuss such things in depth. Much repeated angst that most of the badges are just too easy, so they can chew on this one.

Admittedly rare, but I no someone that went on a 48 mile walk out of boredom and plans to do a 100 mile run for no other reason than to get the GC badge. Under normal circumstances I’d discount their plan but they did do seven imperial century rides last year. There are some people that just really crave the big numbers.


80 hours of mostly walking using the run activity if you want to bag this one.

Would 80 hours of mostly walking qualify as base training?


It took 80 hours to clear my day/week/month step PRs last year. Though 60/40 walk/run works better for me than either running or walking alone, I don’t know it is entirely in the intended spirit of the badge. I’ll just do what I do and if GC awards the badge then they award the badge.

Michele M_R

I have check, in 2017, when I was insane, I did 3 month in a row December 87h-915km, January 2018 80h-844km, February 2018 80h-837km, I want my triple badge!!!. But I am sane now!!!!


The Enduro badge was just removed. We will see if it comes back. Both the description and the image for the badge was removed yesterday.


Even elite marathoners aren’t doing that kind of volume these days. 120 miles/week is typical, and 140 is pretty high. Not really sure about ultra folks.


A jogger with 10 minutes per kilometre needs 480K. It can be done.