Xert + Karoo + NPE CABLE : Links your ANT+ devices to your smartphone’s apps.

It's great that companies are still trying to solve our perennial connectivity problems with old tech.…

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Apple Watch gets RUNN Support

The Apple Watch gets full, indoor TREADMILL support via NPE RUNN treadmill sensor.

Zwift redundancies

Check out this report from dcrainmaker as Zwift is laying off some staff. Apparently, this has…

NPE Runn Now Transmits & Records Incline |

NPE Runn users will be delighted today as a new Garmin CIQ Data Field is released to…

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NPE Runn Review & Discount | Zwift Treadmill Sensor + Garmin

NPE Runn Review - the pros, cons & details of everything Zwift & Treadmill related