Apple Watch – 20 million sold in 2017. #1 selling wearable

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USA Today and GBH Insights estimate that 20 million Apple Watches were sold in 2017. Even accounting for any errors in the sales estimations the precisely correct answer will still be ‘a lot’.

That makes it the 4th best-selling tech gadget and #1 best-selling wearable. By inference it will also be the best-selling sports watch although many purchasers may have bought it for non-sporty reasons.

Source: USA today

Nice try Fitbit. (Fitbit doomed? article)

Fitbit Ionic Review – Detailed | Apple Watch Competitor

Whilst I have been watching Garmin Running Power downloads regularly; now at over 5000 and gaining 1,500 over the holiday period, I would also love to see what STRYD’s downloads are on the Apple store

Garmin Running Power App – Lots of downloads?

I’ll try to get some figures off STRYD for those downloads (but suspect that none will be forthcoming). So it might be some time before we see if STRYD’s move to also support Apple’s watch was a masterstroke…or not. (I suspect it will be ‘at least a good idea’)

Apple Watch + STRYD – Preview



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9 thoughts on “Apple Watch – 20 million sold in 2017. #1 selling wearable

  1. I am not at all surprised by the apple watch being number one. What I would be surprised with is if the Stryd app downloads broke 5k downloads. It’s not because it doesn’t work or anything like that; the people using the apple watch just don’t strike me as the type to be this deep into the running sector to even know what stryd is.

    I’d wager most that would be using it at all already own a “Sportwatch” to use with it, either natively (v800 or suunto) via app (Garmin). Most “sport tech” tends to just sit within the sportwatch ecosystem and while the apple watch has those “features” it”s “smartwatch” first and everything else second.

    Still, I guess people that might have owned a sportwatch and grown tired (or bored) with the nominally stripped-down approach they come with (via smart features), having the ability to pull out that Stryd and use it with a Major mainstream brand watch is good (especially for Stryd).

    CES is almost here, let’s see how far any of the sportwatch manufacturers go this year to broaden their hold on the market-share.

    1. you’re probably right (>5000 downloads).
      if you can afford the aw 3 then you can afford stryd. maybe you want to save some battery via gps and maybe you want accurate running pace…in which case it would be sensible to buy stryd.

    2. I don‘t how it‘s in UK, but in CH the AW3 (even the cellular version) sells cheaper than the FR935 – I find that somehow crazy.

  2. @Justin I’m one of those “grown tired”. Had so many different sport watches from different manufactures… always so many promising features, always so many bugs and always so many limitations – I’m really tired of it. ?

    Since several weeks I’m reading “every single” review about the AW3 and really considering™ to “give up” on the approach of a dedicated (high end) sport watch.

    1. yep. when you come back to your core features eg HR+pace+lapping etc then most vaguley sporty watches can do that (albeit relatively poorly in some cases eg Garmin)
      the really valuable sporty watch features then become things like long battery life (935), durability, special-use scenarios (HR underwater, multisports)
      but , of course, many of us buy watches for the toy-features

    2. Speaking of which…I myself have a 620 whose battery has worn down a bit and have been impatiently waiting for 635 for HR, etc. Have you heard anything about the 635 coming out before Feb 24 (Phoenix Marathon)

    3. Yep. That’s why I got an AW3 (put away the Polar for now) and waiting for a STRYD announcement at CES before I buy one. AW3 is working pretty good for me on my runs, cycling and if I ever get to the pool again.

      Just convinced my sister to buy one because she wanted a small device. Day three she says she loves it. I’ll check back with her in a few months.

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