Garmin vs. Wahoo – What UK Age Groupers Use

Garmin 745 Review | Forerunner Triathlon GPS Watch Specifications runningGarmin vs. Wahoo – What UK Age Groupers Use

I recently completed some totally unscientific and statistically insignificant research into the tech that UK’s triathlon/duathlon age groupers use

The Races

one ITU World Championship duathlon qualifier and one ETU  European Championships triathlon qualifier

The Methodology

Having a wander around transition staring at bikes and also staring at people’s wrists on the startline

Statistical Significance?

Not much.

What I found

I was surprised on several fronts

  • Wahoo – I saw no Wahoo Rival watches and, of the bikes that had ELEMNTs on the handlebars, I would say that easily less than 10% of all bikes had Wahoo. My guess would have been for a higher number.
  • Garmin Edge – I was surprised to see probably about the same number of Edge 130 as Wahoo. slightly more would be 1030/1040. The vast majority were Edge 530/540/830/840 models ie more than half of those on show.
  • The rest – No bikes had other bike computer brands that I saw. A large number of bikes (a third?) had no bike computer in their mounts; so either the rider didn’t use any device, had removed it for security or relied on a watch
  • Apple Watch – I only saw a couple of Apple Watches per race (not Ultra). This was not massively surprising in itself but didn’t tally with what triathletes in my club wear at the pool and at the track where a higher percentage use Apple Watch and have done so for years.

triathlon brand icon image

Take Out

In the UK at least it appears to be a Garmin stranglehold on multisports at the age group level.

What’s it like in your country for similar events?



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