the Best Sleep Tracker and App [2023]

the Best Sleep Tracker of 2023 is either the Whoop 4 Band, Eight Sleep or Oura…

Marathon Orthotics – A Day Trip to PODO London

Surprisingly, Christophe added a 2mm insert to what appeared to be my longer leg, which was…

Next Gen Sports Sensors for 2023 and beyond – Lactate, blood pressure, hydration, creatinine

2023 marks a mild turning point for sports and wellness sensors. The next wave of technological…

archive ❌ Lumen Review

Lumen Review, latest metabolic info for fat+carb tracking an insights into the new Garmin CIQ app.

Polar H10 – now a valid ECG

Researchers concluded physicians can easily interpret ECG data captured by Polar H10

Garmin beaten by Whoop: Study shows 99% accuracy

people at Whoop will be super-happy with the results. The comparison of Whoop to a II-lead…

everything you need to know: Garmin, Whoop, and Oura HRV measurements

everything you need to know about HRV for Garmin

EMFIT REVIEW QS, Gen 2 HRV ? Sleep ? Monitor, Sleep Tracker [2022 version]

2022 EMFIT Review a detailed look at the QS EMFIT Gen 2; the best, most accurate…

new Supersapiens Dashboard – Impressive

my coach could perhaps zoom into the details of the cycling workout for a finer look…

Garmin ready for ECG releases

We will soon see ECG enabled on Venu 2 Plus and Fenix 7/Epix 2.

“I was wearing Oura, Whoop & Apple Watch when I got pregnant” ?

Dr Allen seems to have taken this to a whole new level and uses some of…

HRV – More than you ever needed or wanted to know

HRV - All you ever, ever, ever (did I say ever?) wanted or needed to know