Jul 2017 : Cycling/Running/Triathlon ‘Watches’: New Models, Current Models and expected replacement dates. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, TomTom, etc

Polar-V800-RedV1.6 – 11th July 2017 – This is an old version >> – latest version for current month HERE.<<

This is my opinion of current & future devices across the GPS running/cycling market. Updates to this will be issued as and when information emerges which may include rumors, although please note that any information provided to me under NDA by manufacturers will not appear here. So there might yet be a few more surprises 😉 Please let me know of errors or omissions. Thank you . Enjoy.

In this version: Polar & TomTom. Polar self-leak the V800 replacement and TomTom are on the hunt for beta testers for something that follows the Spark3/Runner3.

There are more detailed thoughts on this topic (here) for the remainder of 2017

Considering adding: others? What have I missed?

Recent Trends/Future Trends?: higher res colour screens; music on watch; battery-duration innovation; 1m GPS accuracy Galileo; vendor apps/app store; WORKOUT DATA standards, openness and integration; mapping/navigation; support for novel accessories & sensor data – environmental (weather), physiological (hydration) & spatial (radar); optical HR; deep smartphone integration (AW2).

Interesting: TomTom also announced a couple of weeks ago that they have high-resolution maps from the beidou constellation of satellites for driving. You can bet your bottom (middle and top) dollar that the same is already being planned for sports.

Manufacturer Device Comments
Garmin Fenix/Fenix 2 Effectively Discontinued, not as good as subsequent models.
Garmin Fenix 3 Fenix 3 HR + variants Still great devices
Garmin Fenix 5, 5s, 5x Garmin’s flagship model for 2017-2018
Garmin Fenix 6 Expected 2019
Garmin Fenix Chronos Quality innards. F5s firmware. Expensive.
Garmin Forerunner 910XT Great device
Garmin Forerunner 920XT Great device
Garmin Forerunner 935 Lightweight Fenix 5 with quick release kit
Garmin Forerunner 25 Why?
Garmin Forerunner 35 Entry level run/sports watch
Garmin Forerunner 210, 220, 225 Effectively Discontinued
Garmin Forerunner 230 Probably won’t be replaced as such. Good.
Garmin Forerunner 235 Replacement 2017/. Good
Garmin Forerunner 245 Expected 2017 by me, Q1-2.2018 by others.
Garmin Forerunner 610, 620 Effectively Discontinued
Garmin Forerunner 630 Great device
Garmin Forerunner 635 Was expected Q2.2017, possibly could be the 935 which is now released
Garmin Forerunner 735XT Good. Again the 935 could be the replacement for this too
Garmin Epix Nice But Effectively Discontinued and replaced by Fenix 5X
Garmin Vivoactive Effectively Discontinued
Garmin Vivoactive HR Great device, replacement 2018
Garmin Edge 20/25 Entry level cycling computer
Garmin Edge 200, 500, 510 Effectively Discontinued
Garmin Edge 520 Still a great cycling computer
Garmin Edge 530 Expected 2018 
Garmin Edge 800, 810 Effectively Discontinued
Garmin Edge 820 Flagship top-end, nav cycling computer
Garmin Edge 830 Expected Aug 2018 earliest
Garmin Edge 1000 To be superseded in 2017
Garmin Edge 1030 (1050) Expected Q3.2017 – a 1000 replacement probably like the 820’s firmware but with new hardware bits.
Lezyne Mini, Macro, Super, Watch variants Currently releasing Year 10 (2017) models
Polar V800 Still a great multisport watch
Polar ?V810/V850/V900? V800 replacement Q2.2018
Polar M200 Entry level oHR running/sports watch 2016. replacement 2018/2019
Polar M400 Replaced by M430 in Q1.2017
Polar M430 An optical M400, released
Polar M600 Best AndroidWear sports watch
Polar M450 Replaced by M460 in Q1.2017
Polar M460 M450 with STRAVA LIVE
Polar V650 Bike Nav Cycling device
Polar ?V660? Possible V650 replacement 2017
Polar A370 A360 replacement with linked GPS
Suunto Ambit/Ambit 2 Effectively Discontinued
Suunto Ambit 3, several variants Still great devices. In many ways superior.
Suunto Ambit 4 This IS the SPARTAN, although the upcoming Spartan trainer looks like an AMBIT. The SPARTAN TRAINER may in fact be the AMBIT 4 SPORT…or not
Suunto SPARTAN Ultra OK to buy now
Suunto SPARTAN Sport OK to buy now
Suunto SPARTAN Sport with oHR (WHR) Released
Suunto SPARTAN Trainer Expected Q3.2017
Suunto SPARTAN (other) Expected 2018-
Fitbit Blaze Current, a replacement device relying on a smartphone for GPS unlikely.
Fitbit Charge HR Discontinued
Fitbit Charge 2 Current
Fitbit Surge Current, due for replacement in some form perhaps by ‘smartwatch’ and its app store
Fitbit Blaze 2 2018
Fitbit ‘smartwatch’ Expected 2018, maybe late 2017.
Fitbit Charge 3 2018
Hammerhead Karoo Cycling Computer
Stages Dash Cycling Computer
TomTom Runner, Runner 2 Effectively Discontinued
TomTom Runner 3, Spark 3 Still a great watch, possible Q3.2017 update as TomTom ask for beta testers
TomTom Adventurer Still a great watch, possible Q3.2017 update
Wahoo fitness ELEMNT A great cycling computer
Wahoo fitness ELEMNT BOLT A great cycling computer
Wahoo fitness ELEMNT MINI Expected Q3.2017
XPLOVA/Acer X5 Nice cycling computer
Bryton RIDER 100, 310, 330, 530 Current
Bryton RIDER numerous other models Effectively Discontinued
CatEye STEALTH, STRADA, PADRONE 2016 models are current
MIO/Magellan Cyclo 505HC + others Nice but all is quiet on the Western front
New Balance RunIQ Current
Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 Current, replacing WSD-F10
adidas Smart Run Discontinued
Apple Watch Series 2 w/Nike Current
Epson SF-series Current but all is quiet
Huawei Fit Current
Moto 360 – 2nd Gen/Sport Current
LG Watch Sport (Google collaboration) Expected Q2.2017

Garmin Timeline (Original Source: Zitasport, modified)


Polar timeline (Original source: zitasport, this is slightly outdated eg M600, M200)

Source: zitasport


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6 thoughts on “Jul 2017 : Cycling/Running/Triathlon ‘Watches’: New Models, Current Models and expected replacement dates. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, TomTom, etc

  1. While I agree that the v8x0 will ship in q2 2018 I think there will be an announcement later this year at the end of summer. They did this with the v800 and no reason to think they won’t again. Their xmas will already be poor with such an out of date device so no reason not to announce early and hope people wait it out.

    1. yep. I think you have to also look at the appetite for new tri watches though is the market still growing??. There are DEFINATELY still LOTS of people buying the 920XT for triathlon. All the people I see wearing the Fenix 5 in my sport/friendship groups are not the more serious triathletes. not sure they announce pre-xmas to further kill v800 sales…I wouldn’t. then comes the price…it won’t be less than £300. they’ll probably try for over £400 and then regret direct one to one comparisons to the 935. still if it actually hold connections to sensors and has the GPS of the V800 then such a comparison would be good for them.
      I can’t really see what they will add to the firmware other than just a tinkle here or there. It already has the ‘proper’ tri functionality IMHO.

      I have talked to Polar and they had a twinkle in their eye when I pushed on this subject…no info AT ALL was forthcoming tho.

      1. i just hope for polar that they push lot of features into release version and not give them piece by piece over years/months later. this really annoyed me at v800…

        1. if they can port across from the v800’s features i’d be happy enough with where it is now. suunto showed the issues that come with starting again from scratch

          1. Speaking of Suunto, now that a year has passed, how would you rank the Spartan Ultra in comparison to watches like the V800, Fenix 3, or even the Ambit3, if price were not a factor?

          2. For what purpose?

            I tend to use the SPARTAN SPORT (non WHR) as one of my running watches (in rotation!). I’ve always said it had awesome GPS accuracy. I mostly love its support for stryd. I always wear a HRM. I like its looks.
            same would apply to the v800.
            f3 I don’t like the ruggedness of the looks. obviously its got a ton of features. the gps I found better than many reports and better than the f5.
            ambit3 I never liked the looks.

            I specifically do rank the gps accuracy of devices. actually the A3 is not there. glaring omission. i’ll get that done I the summer hopefully. it’s always said to be great for gps.

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