Garmin Fenix 6X Pro – Leaked photos and speculation

Here we have the first leaked images of the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro which look very much like the Fenix5.

They could be fake but this now corroborates with other information I have that a slew of Garmin products are queueing up for release to an, as yet, unsuspecting public.


Source: Images click to source on gpsrumours.


Garmin will announce products around Sep (for Christmas sales) and in Dec/ Jan (for CES 2020 and the Spring buying season). The issue we have is that we know that ALL of these products will be released within that time frame!!: Garmin Fenix® 6 / 6 Pro, Garmin Fenix® 6s / 6s Pro, Garmin Fenix® 6x Pro / 6x Pro Solar, Garmin Vivoactive 4 series: 4 & 4S (Amoled?), Garmin Vivomove 3 series: Classic & Sport, Garmin MARQ Commander, Garmin Instinct Tactical Coyote.

Q: Which comes first!

My guess is still that we will not see the Fenix 6 series until CES 2020 BUT MY SOURCES SAY AUGUST 2019 or SEPTEMBER 2019 and all the other products are the ones slated for pre-Christmas releases. Although clearly, from the photos, the Fenix 6 appears to exist on someone’s wrist so the Fenix 6 could be announced very soon (edit: yup!)

What’s New?

A: Mostly, we can’t know yet other than from the evidence of the photos, screen images and FCC information. So here is some part-speculation and part-fact until the specs are leaked 😉

We will see broad improvements in the following areas

  1. New Hardware abilities – From the product names and other sources, I’m almost certain we shall see AMOLED screens in the Vivoactive and Solar charging plus LTE added into the Fenix 6 Pro. Unfortunately, I think a pretty screen on the Fenix will not be seen until the 6X plus or Fenix 7. Super accurate dual-band Galileo is an outside bet to be added to the Fenix 6. Latest leak: larger 1.4″ screen on 6X Sapphire.
  2. Better hardware components – Whilst we will see the ELEVATE sensor we already know about and the Sony GNSS chip we already know about, there will hopefully also be improved hardware components that make the Fenix faster, more energy-efficient and hence more future-proof.
  3. New Software Abilities – I’ve heard before that Garmin are ‘running out of things to add’ and there is some truth in that. Certainly, much of the genuinely useful stuff has already been added however there is still scope as I have covered before HERE such as auto-transitions, running power integration and intelligent training. (That is the link you want to read for more detailed speculations). Latest leak: PacePro gives grade-adjusted pacing.
  4. Making existing stuff work better – I’m talking about new things like improving the user interface (which shouldn’t be hard!), rather than fixing bugs. Naturally, there will also be refinement of the accuracy of GPS and oHR.

Garmin Fenix 6 New Features – Some Limited Info on Specs

What Would Excite Me?

I’ve kinda got to the point where I’m disillusioned by the money-making aspect of all of this and about the diminishing competition. I guess Garmin do crank out more new stuff than Apple do with each year’s Apple Watch iteration. With Apple, many people seem to get excited if the digital crown is moved by 1mm. So Garmin is genuinely innovating when compared to that. It’s just that most of the innovations won’t make a jot of difference to my sporting life.

But maybe it will for other people. We’re all different.

I would be excited if Garmin delivered: a device that works much more responsively; a user interface that Apple would have designed; proper running pace accuracy from dual-band Galileo and other related improvements; and native running power integration.

The thing is, I have workarounds for all of Garmin’s failings and, for my own sporting data interests, I use lots of different sites and bits of hardware to get what I want/need.

The reality is that I can do without a Garmin sports watch…Polar or Suunto (or the other one that I can’t mention) are/will be perfectly adequate recording devices.

Honestly Polar+Suunto, all you have to do is integrate a non-Tapiriik based dropbox service into your platform and I’ll use you to put my data exactly where I want it.

In Summary Then

I don’t think there is so much to get excited about here. By that I mean there won’t be too much totally new stuff to get excited about. It’s more a release about playing catch up to functionality and hardware that we’ve already seen and to provide a hardware platform to take the Fenix 6 into 2022 (wow!…but it’s true that’s when the Fenix 7 comes)

But it’s not all doom and tech gloom. If you want the drip-feed of a solar charge or the ability to use only Verizon’s cellular connection in the USA then all will be good.




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15 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 6X Pro – Leaked photos and speculation

    • I sense some scepticism in your comment Jon!! to be honest, I share it and I would also like to see a bit more.
      My working assumption is that this is not a final production device that we see.

  1. Meh.. I’m not seeing much that will make me want to upgrade from my Fenix 5. I’ll hold judgement until I see the final product. Thanks for the info and pics.

  2. I don’t understand Garmins update strategy. Is the 735xt effectively discontinued or why doesn’t it get an refresh? Do you think the FR655 is still coming early 2020? I try to hold on to my V800 as long as i can, but it is slowly dying (strap, battery, light button). Right now i’m aiming at an Vantage V, because it suits my needs (basic navigation, barometer, cool training and recovery features) and it isn’t to expensive. But the 655 could be an alternative.

  3. Pro? Another way Garmin found to charge even more for their devices, while battery time, GPS quality, software and hardware reliability, etc, all go down. I’m starting to get fed up with Garmin.

  4. Hmm.. I am an early adopter, I had assumed I would jump right on the 6 even though I “just” (when it came out) bought a 5+ because I’m a filthy nerd, but I’m not getting too excited about this.

    Dual band GPS and a significantly longer battery life would probably be enough to sell me (I live in Phoenix, maybe the solar will work well) but otherwise not too excited. If they pull a rabbit out of a hat and make the ohr as good/reliable as a fore/upper arm based optical HR sensor (somehow, I know it’s hard) I would jump on it in a minute. Somebody needs to solve that problem, it’s annoying I have to use another HR strap if I want decent accuracy/responsiveness.

  5. – LTE will kill the battery life!!! (Fenix is an outdoor/sports watch and not a lifestyle watch)
    – It looks like the fenix 6 will have the same sony gps chip like the marq, so it is very unlikely the fenix 6 have dual band frequency gnss, a great pity for me!!!

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