Polar SHIFT Edition – what is it?

Polar SHIFT EDITION – An Explainer

Polar Vantage V2 is now available as a SHIFT EDITION. What does that actually mean?

In a nutshell: SHIFT changes how the Vantage V2‘s band attaches to the watch’s lugs enabling Vantage V2 to take a standard 22mm strap. The SHIFT mechanism can be bought separately or as the SHIFT EDITION watch which comes with 2 straps.

There is some more detail than that but that’s pretty much all you need to know. If you are inquisitive, read on…

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How SHIFT Works

Here you can see that the Vantage watch body has not changed at all.

SHIFT is an adapter that fastens to the watch body with the usual Vantage ‘pin’ mechanism. Then, simply, any old 22mm strap should attach to the SHIFT adapter.


It’s well-made and secure. I can’t see it coming apart although non-Polar 22mm straps might have subtly different pin diameters, so watch out for that.

Will there be a SHIFT EDITION for the Grit X (Pro)?

A: No

From left to right, the following image shows the Grit X, SHIFT EDITION (Vantage V2) and a Vantage V2 PRODUCT RED (same as a regular V2). Simply put, the Grit X already takes a standard 22m strap and has no need for the adapter nor, I suspect, any need for an adapter to take the legacy Vantage straps.

Polar SHIFT EDITION Vantage V2

Will SHIFT EDITION Work on Vantage V1 or my existing Vantage V2?

A: No & Yes, it will even work on V2 and the PRODUCT RED version although it won’t be red ;-), however it won’t work on the original Vantage V1.

You will be able to separately buy a SHIFT EDITION BUNDLE from £43.40 or $/Eu49.95. I’m assuming a ‘bundle’ at that price just means the conversion kit.

Don’t get ‘bundle’ confused with ‘set’. A Polar ‘set’ is one that includes the H10 chest strap and/or Polar cycling accessories.


Polar Vantage V2 SHIFT EDITION Options

OK, so we’ve explained the engineering difference. Other than that we have a choice of black/silver cases which each come with two straps, one being the durable FKM sports and the other is a leather strap with red detailing.

If I remember correctly, the FKM strap first came with the Vantage V1 Titan. It’s a REALLY nice sport strap that feels good, is durable and it performs well..as straps go. I’m less keen on the leather strap which is fine but nothing special.

Take Out

It’s nice to offer a smart strap and a sports strap all in one package. And it’s great that Polar now gives the option of standard straps which some people prefer even though Polar’s wrist-hugging proprietary straps probably look better in the round.

I’m happy with either of the Polar strap types. A couple of years ago I wasn’t especially bothered about straps but I now seem to have amassed a somewhat vast collection of the things by accident. So it’s nice that I can use some of them on a Vantage V2 if I want to.


Available soon: Polar Vantage V2 SHIFT EDITION – $/Eu549, £449




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  1. Umm .. you sure this will work with VV1? As far as I know VV1 and VV2 have different attachment styles and I think they admitted V2 straps won’t fir V1. I assume this is true with the adaptor?

  2. Any idea when this will be available online in the UK? Sorry will the £44 pounds bundle include the 2 straps plus the adapter OR is this just the mechanism?

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