Garmin Fenix 7X – first real picture

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Garmin Fenix 7X – First Real Picture

The picture above is of a Fenix 7X in someone’s hands in the real world. I’ve altered the picture a fair bit to hide the source. But it is real and I have other images too of the Fenix and Epix models in the real world rather than just the marketing shots you’ve already seen here.

So, for example, the recessed bolts in the lugs are real.

The arrow points to the LED which is only on the 7X.

Garmin Fenix 7 – What To Expect – Updated Daily


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33 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 7X – first real picture

  1. Garmin seems finally hired an industrial designer to prop up the bit outdated ID language but why the heck they need to copy designs 10 years old?

    1. there are several detailed differences but the phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” springs to mind

  2. Well, well… Apart from where’re the rest of the pictures, he-he?

    I think the photo proves that the renders were real. Materials, bezel, buttons and button inlays all check out. Phew! We are indeed getting what we think we are getting.

    Still, where are the rest of the pictures?

  3. if real, that is a mirror image. The start button is on the wrong side. The start button is also rotated so the triangle logo isn’t pointing straight up.

    What is this supposed to be for? An emergency beacon or something?

    1. The logo on the crown is really interresting. It is pointung upwards on all pictures as it is on the current fenix 6 and you cannot twist it.
      So is there in the end a hidden functionallity still uncovered by the leaks? Would love it 😉

      @tfk: do you have a picture of the active epix display… please 🙂

      1. Digital knob? Knurled button would imply that too, but then 7S doesn’t have knurling.

        Honestly, a digital knob might not be ideal for use during running, but for day to day and maps it’s a total killer. If Garmin were to combine touch, with having all five buttons, and one of them being a digital knob that would actually be a strike of a genius.

        1. yes to that
          but the crown knob things is so freakin ugly (Apple).
          i think Oppo and others have a slidey button thing instead. looks cooler. never had a play to see if it works tho.

  4. Hmmm… is this an early test unit? It doen’t have the read part around the crown. Maybe not a final production unit.

        1. The fenix 7X renders I saw on Twitter had black lugs around the start button, while the f7 renders I have seen have read around the button.

          Different accent colors on different SKUs is a Garmin thing.

    1. feel free to add useful links to things like that.
      If I don’t want them I’ll delete them! no-one gets banned here (well…almost no-one 😉 )

    1. It’s like there’s some sort of secret contest going on, to see who can post the worst quality pictures possible 😀

      This one is a photo of a phone screen showing the thumbnail preview of a blurry picture sent in a text message. There are so many things wrong with that, I can only think it had to be intentional.

  5. Yup, we have 2022 and several dozen Mpx in every smartphone/camera. However, UFOs are always blurry and they have low-resolution in photos as well 🙂

  6. I don’t know if this has been said but looking at the image it almost looks the the crown is rotatable. The Garmin triangle is rotated incorrectly. It should be pointing straight up.

  7. Will rotating crowns also be made directional one day I wonder?
    Rather like a joystick I mean. Think side mirror adjustors in cars.
    Just a thought to aid map navigation controls etc.

  8. From what I have seen until now, the Fenix 7 looks (way) worse than the Fenix 6, at least to me. Narrow metal bezel, screen interrupted by the solar strip, bolts placed in the wrong position, lugs covered with metal which serves no purpose, creating a complicated, double-layer design that just isn’t right. I can see why those changes were made (to allow for the solar strips and free up space for other electronics) but they resulted in a function-over-form design which is not always the best thing for a watch.

    1. thank you !

      I’d just like to warn people: these links are fine for getting info but if you are expecting a watch on Day 1 then smaller retailers will have limited stock as there are LOTS of SKUs and smaller retailers CAN’T properly stock them all. If you can collect in person then fine but you might end up waiting a while otherwise.

      1. I wonder if order directly by Garmin online shop will be available directly >> might be the safest way if you want to be in the front line of the early adaptors…

          1. Yup. Anyway, the Fenix 6 is gone from the Garmin product webpage. It looks like the 7 series release is imminent.

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