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Garmin Forerunner 745Garmin Forerunner 745

It’s here! Stocked now and shipping from Power Meter City (USA) and Wiggle (UK / EU)


This is Garmin’s latest mid-range tri-watch. ‘Mid-range’ to Garmin means ‘more tri features than most of the competitors‘ but not as many as the more expensive Garmin 945. So, I’m not going to list them all as the ‘obvious’ ones will be included.

Because the Forerunner 735XT is so old, this new Forerunner 745 is more of a cut-down FR945 format, with the latest CIQ 3.X, than an upgraded 735XT. With the new 745, we get the recently introduced DAILY WORKOUT SUGGESTIONS feature which is cool – if it works for triathletes. Naturally, all the tech reviewers will say how great it is for the 3-5 hours of training they do each week but will it scale up to training volumes in excess of double that? Will it factor in the impact of strength workouts?

Here are some of the highlights and key features

  • Triathlon modes that properly covers multisport and brick workouts.
  • Lots of physiological & health metrics like Training Load and Status, VO2max, breath rate, sleep tracking, race predictor, Body Battery, recovery advisor and performance indicator
  • Daily Workout Suggestions– these were the new adaptive training workouts introduced with the Edge 1030 Plus.
  • Garmin Coach – follow free Garmin plans. Initially, at least, these are running plans.
  • Training plan sync from 3rd parties like Training Peaks & Trainer Road
  • Onboard music with wifi streaming to update the onboard music cache of 500 songs (your MP3s too)
  • ClimbPro (detailed ascent stats for each next, planned climb)
  • STRAVA Live Segments (with subscription)
  • New Track Mode

Garmin 745 – New TRACK Mode – Good but needs a bit of work

  • Garmin Pay (limited banks outside the USA)
  • Latest Elevate and Sony GPS sensors
  • Battery life is tri-friendly -Smartwatch mode: Up to 7 days, GPS mode with music: Up to 6 hours, GPS mode without music: is stated as 16 hours but really it’s 24 hours, UltraTrac mode stated as: Up to 21 hours (really? I don’t think so, the specs are wrong)
  • 47g vs. 50g of the Forerunner 945. The 745 has a slightly smaller case than the 945 so might better suit smaller wrists whilst still having the same screen size.
  • LiveTrack & Incident Detection
  • No maps but there is waypoint navigation (where START can also be a waypoint) and breadcrumb routes which can be created and syncd from Connect using trendline popularity routing.

Of note in the tech specs are

  • Maps/Compass – No, No
  • Straps – 22mm (same as 945)
  • Face – Mineral glass


Garmin Forerunner 745Take Out

This is simply going to be the only tri watch you’ll need and if you have thinner wrists it may even be the one you prefer. Perhaps there might be battery issues with Ironman and Ultra distances where you plan to use the full battery-guzzling features but, apart from that, all will be cool for all-things-tri. Through in a few more smarts and what’s not to like? which leads me on to…


It’s a mid-range watch but perhaps you’d call it a high-end price. It looks like the Forerunner 745 will hit a price point of £450/$499/Eu489. If blows the budget, you can save half your money and check out the Coros Pace 2 which does all the tri features you need.

Coros PACE 2 Review | A Real Garmin Contender…At Last


It looks like this is going to have good availability, perhaps with the exception of Amazon, right from the get-go. So Wiggle and REI should be cool at launch.

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77 thoughts on “Garmin 745 🏊🚴🏃 Specs | Thoughts | Review Follows

  1. So it took Garmin over a year to remove maps from 945 and add daily workout suggestions? I assume that 745 is IPH-03958. There are 2 variants on FCC: music/WiFi (0 prefix) and non-music/non-WiFi (A prefix). As I see in spec/leaks, only music/WiFi version will be sold, like 945. Any ideas what IPH-A3958 is?

      1. As I see in Label document, the screen is circle, not square. Also, Garmin is using variants/prefixes for the same models (Fenix Solar/Pro/non-Pro or Forerunner Music/non-Music).

        1. These are the predictions-cum-leaks I reported here a LONG time ago. So it looks like something related to 6+/955 is next. I’ve been mostly right so far but past performance is not an indication of future accuracy. 655 SHOULD be next but no intel to report.
          ✔️ Garmin Forerunner 745
          Garmin Forerunner 955
          Garmin 955 LTE (maybe 945 LTE too)
          ✔️Garmin Venu (was the SQ)
          Garmin Index Scale 2 (Jan 2021)
          ✔️Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Review
          ✔️Garmin Edge 130 Plus
          ✔️Garmin Quatix 6 (based on Fenix 6)
          Garmin Fenix 6S SPORT (possibly a minor cosmetic variant, possibly internal name for PRO)
          Garmin Fenix 6 SPORT (possibly a minor cosmetic variant, possibly internal name for PRO)
          ✔️Garmin Fenix 6 PRO SOLAR (possibly, ie NOT the 6X solar but solar on a lower model)
          Garmin Enduro MTB/Gravel – on second thoughts this might be an off-road version of Vector 4, along with a new Vector 4 ROAD (2021)

  2. I thought it was being released today, guess I’ve made the cardinal sin of mixing up Apple & Garmin! That price is a bit higher than I’d be willing to pay as the tri features aren’t of any interest to me so an even more cutdown 945 would be my ideal watch.

  3. As someone who’s been using a 735XT almost since launch (I did the first workout on Aug 2, 2016), this is pretty close to what I’ve been looking for. I picked the 735XT over the 630 for the battery life, and I’ve never regretted that, even though I don’t do Tri (mostly running and very little biking).

    Of course the Pace 2 should suit me quite as well (especially with the Stryd integration, but the CIQ app works well), but availability seems harder to come by. The DK distributor said that it will come in very limited quantities end of September, with general availability coming in mid/end October.

    Sleep tracking: you write “perhaps limited”. Care to elaborate? The 735XT has sleep tracking already (but only awake/light/deep sleep, so no REM periods).

  4. Apologies for posting that (now redacted) link above, I honestly thought it was ok as it is easily viewable on a shopfront website in the public domain, but I suppose I understand your concerns.

    FWIW the specs really hit the sweet spot for me as a runner primarily, maybe tri down the road perhaps.
    I’ve been using the 235 for a while now and always wanted Pay and music without a touchscreen so this hits the mark and (hopefully) price point that appeals to me personally.
    Some kind of hydration sensor is all that really remains on my shopping list but hey, my tongue has been a reasonable measure of that so far so I can wait for the 755 or whatever in a few years to replace this one.
    I also like that it looks less clunky than other sports watches in general, though the Suunto watches like the 7 for me still lead in the beauty stakes.

    1. no need to apologise
      please feel free to post whatever you like !! I very rarely remove things

      hydration: yes agreed. i think that is a tough one to crack. AURA band for apple watch claims to do it.

  5. If it has LTE I may get it (probably not given no LTE on FCC?), otherwise I’ll wait for 955 LTE. I would miss Garmin Explore app on the phone that syncs with the watch for the maps, but it’s not a deal breaker.
    I’m not sure 655 will come one day, I’m confused by the need of a 655, price point it is very close to the 745, and given that 745 will have Garmin Pay and Music it will really reduce the need of it. Given that Garmin is removing the 645 from it’s site, my personal guess is that there will never be a 655, or at least not in the next few years.

    1. Agree with you. I just want the 955 LTE (or would’ve gladly taken a 745 LTE too). I have a hard time differentiated the need for the 655 when the 245 has been getting the majority of the great features. Not sure what else is left for an inbetween.

      1. The 655 could still be relevant IMHO.
        It is actually the watch I am holding our for.

        Some of us don’t like the “sport watch” look of a 245 or cannot justify shelling out $300-400+ on a watch that can’t quite be worn to work or go out but at the same time cannot do without fundamental things like a 4/5 button case (try operating a touchscreen at 20 below with gloves on while running). One might argue the Fenix is that watch but it is too big, heavy and expensive for many people.

        This is where the 655 could still shine.
        Basically, upgrade the components and firmware of the 645 to today’s standards.
        Or make a Venu variant with more buttons.

  6. As some already pointed out, will FR745 as light TRI watch also be Garmin’s top running watch or there will be additional model with extra running features – FR655?

    1. that is the question.
      there can’t be much to add for running
      maybe garmin can copy coros’s track mode (maybe), possibly a new stryd-like footpod would warrant/excuse a 655…but i don’t think that will happen

      1. From Garmin site: “Forerunner 745 is our smallest and lightest full-featured running and triathlon smartwatch.” It seems full featured running watch, way more expensive than FR245.

    1. Usually all of the watches above the new watch get the features. I would be surprised if you don’t see it. I don’t see how it could be hardware related and not added to the watch.

  7. Hey Garmin SA can you give me feedback on my two watches thats messed up and not even 4 years old? Ive emailed and begged for assistance and just ignored….

  8. I think the Forerunner 745 will not have the new Sony High-Precision dual frequency gnss chip CXD5610GF with a Power Consumption of 9 mW.

      1. Kudos should go to Mario, as he found the GNSS receiver number – from there that page was just a google away (searching directly on Sony’s website leaves you wanting).

  9. if the specifications are true, then it is a big disappointment, especially the battery life is too low, screen size and resolution could be better:

    1. Agreed – 7 days of battery in smartwatch mode with an “old” display simply just don’t do it these days. Very dissapointing 🙁

      1. the Fenix 6s has similar battery life and the same screen so I was kinda expecting it.
        The 16h runtime with just GPS is disappointing.
        As TFK just pointed out in the text, on a full IM with sensors attached (run & bike power, HR on) you have to be quick ^^

        1. No… I get 10 days out of my F6S 😉 And though I do run a lot, I always end up with no less than 6-7 days of standby. This is where 745 starts…!

  10. Is it possible that the first named source is At least that’s a website that works for me, though it is in german. I guess you mixed the words.

  11. Hey 5krunners and fans,

    Any info about swim metrics? Some of those Swim2 metrics or rather all of ’em on the 745 would be sweet.

    And a reasonable price point close to 350€, otherwise Garmin won’t sway me away from the Vantage M.

    Have a nice day, y’all.

    1. Denmark:

      4.100DKK, shipping in Q3.

      Given that the 945 sells for 3.877DKK online, this is just wishful thinking from Garmin’s side.

          1. “Battery Life: Smartwatch Mode: Up to 2 weeks | GPS mode with music: Up to 10 hours | GPS mode without music: Up to 36 hours” it’s not spec from garmin site

  12. Any reason to get this over the 945? Assuming that you can get both for the same price right now!? Am I missing something here?

  13. So I can get the 945 with my partner discount for £337.99 or the 745 (no partner discount) for £449.99.
    Decisions, decisions.

      1. Yep, I think i’ll wait until some of these have shipped and people start reporting on their performance etc. Or see what the 955 brings, my 235 still does the job to be honest though occasionally needs a reset for the gps to start working again, no rush.

      1. I don’t think so. Yes you can there with CIQ, but it’s more a workaround than a solid solution. I want the same possibilities with running power as with bike power. That CIQ can’t do. Also I’m limited to only use 2 CIQ field, since no more can run in the same sport.

        I’d like to see:
        – my lappower for autolaps
        – just lappower together with pace, HR etc.
        – be able to create multiple screen layouts (not just two) depending on the workout
        – to name a few…

        1. yes, i 100% get it.
          I’m not sure the will is there from Garmin to do it.
          I’m not sure the will is there for it to happen for STRYD either as it would remove a barrier to entry for their competition. ie currently a competitor POD would need to spend tend of thousands of dollars on replicating much of STRYD CIQ and open infrastructure…time AND money. so it’s only going to happen if Garmin does a power pod.

    1. @thomas, yeah it is out in DK to 🙂

      I was abit surpriced that I got a message from pulsure this morning and I could not see it on – It is now added to but not on the front page – you actually have to search for it. Funny that the DK website does not have the same “breaking news” as on the .COM website.

      1. @Palle it’s also quite odd that the 745 sits at 4.099DKK when the 945 is selling for just under 3.877DKK at themselves (ok, they have a 30-day “price guarantee”). I think I’ll go for the Pace 2, as I don’t need the maps and navigation.


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