Recovery Tests (DOMS) with curranz

Source: @CurraNZ
Source: @CurraNZ

I’ve been using the curranz product for a few months now on and off. Over the last 2 months I’ve made an effort to use it the day before and 2-3 hours before either a hard session or before a race.

It’s been pretty obvious, for me, that the next day (or subsequent day) in virtually every case I have very little (or no) muscle soreness (DOMS). Unscientifically of course.

For the more keen athletes amongst you addicted to training this is probably a good thing as you can get back to training sooner than you probably should 😉

(EDIT: Promotional Discount Code is RUNCURRANZ on the curranz website, this should give you 15% off until October 2015 then 10% afterwards should you wish to buy any. There is probably a performance benefit too at Lactate Threshold Efforts)

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