new Garmin Instinct eSports | Gaming tool to broadcast stress & HR

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Garmin Instinct eSports


Garmin Instinct eSports Edition

The Garmin Instinct was always the baby-Fenix, the Casio-like Fenix, the cheap Fenix or whatever you wanted to call it. Whatever the name it’s been a great success for Garmin. It sells so many units that it has been worth differentiating it by offering Solar, Tactical, Camo and Surf variants. That covers all the bases right? Wrong. Garmin forgot eSports.

Not any more. Today sees the launch of the Garmin Instinct eSport Edition.

There are two key differences here to the normal Instinct. Firstly the red ink and secondly the new eSports Sports Profile.


Bringing us on nicely to the ‘only slightly’ more interesting eSports profile.


Apparently, some games allow the players vital stats to be displayed to other gamers, so you can share your heart rate and Stress Level/Body Battery Level as you play. No more bluffing if you do this. The truth will be out as your HR shoots over 100bpm.

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Garmin’s new Str3amup! software must be used and this requires a pre-existing streaming/recording tool which must support capturing desktop window content and “Chroma Key” Filters eg OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS and XSplit.

I’m guessing your key physiology stats will be recorded by the eSports profile for you to analyse later in Garmin Connect in the ‘workout’ rather than in the usual place where you would see the body battery and stress level. Answers are below, if you know.

The new Instinct is priced at £269.99 and the battery lasts up to 80 hours.

Take Out

This might sound like a silly announcement. And maybe it’s a silly product. But I bet it makes Garmin money as they are re-using Instinct Gen 1 hardware.


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  1. Why not just release Str3amUp as a Garmin Connect feature? Str3eamUp, who came out with that name?

    This watch might not be that bad if it turns the eSport players into runners and cyclist? Oh wait, it does not have v02max?

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