Garmin Edge new features for 530, 830, 1030 and 1030 Plus

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Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Review Specs Comparison
Rox 12, Edge 1030+, Karoo, Cyclo 605HC, OS Trail 2 Nav – the 1030+ is big…but bigger exist. But bigger is not necessarily better.

Garmin Edge Firmware Updates

Some nice, new features have found their way into Garmin’s current crop of Edge devices. They are only in beta at the moment and I wouldn’t recommend you try a beta release but Garmin tends to release pretty good software at this stage, so it’s your call.


You can click on the link above for your own device and see the full details there so I won’t dwell too much on the differences between each model’s updates. There are two broad factors at play here 1) trickle-down of existing features to older models and b) some new featurettes.

These are all the new features to be added to the Edge 530 which should all either now be on the Edge 1030 Plus or added to it as well.

  • Added CIQ 3.2 support and BLE sync support for the Connect IQ app.
  • Indoor Training gets a smart trainer widget that includes Tacx Road Feel controls, Fixed course points for indoor trainer rides and the Virtual Partner to the map page when following course or activity on an indoor trainer.
  • Simple Setup comes from the 1030+ (which is quite nice) and which copies across activity profiles and sensors from Garmin Connect during initial setup. You’ve already got a 530 so this shouldn’t affect you!
  • Added device-driven Livetrack and course sharing.
  • Added configurable radar ‘All Clear’ tone.
  • Segments – fixes
  • Improved reliability of FTP auto-detection (this might need some testing and to check on the thresholds, I did a maximal 19.5-minute effort a while back but the FTP wasn’t updated and I assumed Garmin looks for a full 20-minute effort, which is crazy)
  • Support for metabolic calories in the activity file.





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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Raul V

Interesting to see how much has been faulty…. But disappointing I don’t see any of the strange things I’ve met. I didn’t report them as I got so tired of it in the past that I let them know I wasn’t going to do that for nothing anymore.
Too bad for other users, working with unreliable data. Or useless ones, but that’s another section.

Mike anders

I just wish they would fix the gradient issue on the 520.