Custom Whoop Bands – the right Hex colour to support your Olympic nation?

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Custom Whoop 4 Bands – Olympic Themes

The great thing about being French, British or American is that we all have red, white and blue flags. If you’re especially patriotic when it comes to international sporting events then that must make donning the appropriate colours much easier than, say, Belize, which has a whopping 12 colours on their flag as shown below.

Fear not, Whoop has thought of everything and you can now almost magically transform your bland, black band into a multi-coloured symbol of nationalistic fervour just in time to cheer your country’s first medals at the Winter Olympics. Although at £44/$50ish for a replacement kit I’m not sure everyone will stretch to those prices, the Whoop pro membership tier gets them cheaper.

But colour problems persist – see further below


Belize flag from Wikipedia
Wiki: Belize National Flag & Colours


Color/Color system Hex colour Approximate %
Main blue #100e97 63.451%
Top and bottom banding red #da0712 19.582%
Coat of arms background white #FFFFFF 8.289%
Tree and ring leaves green #338a00 3.744%
Trousers and tools grey #e8e8e6 0.941%
General black outlines #000000 0.768%
Shield background and scroll yellow #ffe682 0.742%
Leaf ring border green #075400 0.523%
Wood brown #d67c59 0.408%
Right man skin brown #653024 0.392%
Left man skin brown #ae7e5b 0.336%
Ship sky blue #9dc9e2 0.274%
Ship water blue #006ac8 0.184%
Light grass green #5ac800 0.119%
Tree leaves outer border green #003300 0.130%
Grass border green #006600 0.048%
Tool reflections grey #4d4d4d 0.038%
Tree inner lines green #004b00 0.029%
Shield axe underside grey #ccb8c8 0.002%


Exact Colours

It turns out that we’ve probably all been wearing the wrong colours for years. I bet your #Hex-coloured 0A3161 ‘Go-U.S.A.’ T-shirt faded to at least 0A3159 after the first wash ;-).

See here, the colours need to be exact if you are to be a true US patriot.

State Department standard colours
R G B 8-bit hex C M Y K
White 255 255 255 #FFFFFF 0 0 0 0
Old Glory Red 193 C 179 25 66 #B31942 0 100 66 13
Old Glory Blue 282 C 10 49 97 #0A3161 100 68 0 54

There’s more bad news in that Whoop’s French colour band replacement kits have sold out. And if you, as a French national, were thinking of instead getting the American colours and pretending they are yours then think again! The French Blue and Red are ‘completely’ different at Hex #0055A4 and Hex #EF4135. Obviously, being French, you would never consider a British-themed colour scheme in any case and you would be right as our colours are also ‘completely’ different at Hex #012169 and Hex #C8102E.

Anyway, here’s the link if you want to get a patriotic Whoop Band.

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