First Look : Coros Vertix ICE BREAKER

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First Look – Coros Vertix ICE BREAKER

Here we have a quick, first look at the Coros Vertix ICE BREAKER. The reason it’s a quick look is that the product is almost identical to the standard COROS VERTIX from a few months back – but this time around the funky case materials are added.

To date, this is the most expensive watch produced by Coros. The expense is partly because of the materials used, and we’ll come to that in a minute. But one of the consequences of the chosen materials is that the ICE BREAKER needs to be assembled by hand. You could, kinda, say it’s a handmade device. Kinda. Perhaps.

Coros Vertix ICE BREAKER Review

I was excited when I first heard about this as it sounded just that little bit different and the ICE BREAKER colour variant looked nice in the official Coros imagery. I was also further surprised to hear that, after the slightly cheaper DARK ROCK colour, this is their best selling product variant.

I’m not super-impressed with the azure blue aesthetic BUT it IS a nice watch and IS very well-made. I’m actually using it right now for something that I have to share with you in September but, if Coros can finally confirm that we have the last GPS firmware update, then I might do a bit more accuracy testing as well.

Coros Vertix ICE BREAKER Review

The blue is not quite my colour. I’m more of a grey/black/beige kinda person. Although the AZure blue does go nicely with jeans. The titanium bezel IS unique to the ICE BREAKER model and because it is titanium a few grams are shaved off the already light weight  of 76g for the standard Vertix.

When I first heard about this model, I was most excited about the TRANSLUCENT FIBER case. I was hoping more for it to be transparent so that I could see the innards. But translucent effectively means opaque so it’s not really possible to see inside the watch although you can, sort of, make out a few components.

Here is the full review for more info or discount code if you want to get one. From my images, above, you can just about make out the insides of the watch.


Coros VERTIX Review – New Premium Adventure GPS Watch

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5 thoughts on “First Look : Coros Vertix ICE BREAKER

  1. Hmm, availability? I clicked on your Amazon link and all I got was a selection of Garmins plus the Vantage M. An explicit search for coros vertix on Amazon only turns up the Pace and Apex.

    Just FYI; I’m not in the market for a new watch at present in any case!

    1. thank you!!
      yes I can’t control what is stocked where. I have seen that amazon’s availability of coros products is variable.

      If you click on this it WILL take you to the right UK and US retailer

      But I know you are from mainland Europe so I think you are directed by default to your local amazon geo (unless Germany as I sometimes do special tailored links for my German friends)…too many friends to do it for every product for every country 😉 maybe, perhaps

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