Garmin HRM-PRO – soon

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This is a page from (google cache working link) for this product (not working at for now).

It’s a very exciting picture of an empty cell in an HTML table (below). But hey, we know that a HRM-PRO heart rate strap is imminent. About time too.

My guess as to its abilities would be a rationalisation of HRM-TRI and HRM-SWIM to just this one product for all types of swimming and for it to come with running dynamics and BLE plus ANT+ compatability. There might also be some improvements to battery life and on-board cached storage. It’s unlikely to work with the Garmin Conenct app for recording (like Polar’s H10) and unlikely to broadcast 2 BLE channels (like Polar H10).

When? August 29th along with the Fenix 6 launch

Price: I’m guessing at $100/£100, perhaps a tad more at RRP

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Noticed this last night. Looks like all of the Garmin HRM straps are on sale now as well.


I know this is almost completely not going to happen, but what if Garmin put an LTE chip in the HRM strap?

You could more easily add more battery power to a strap vs a watch, and then say it’s just for tracking/emergency response. Most people are more likely to accept their HRM strap going out mid race vs their watch. Then you can choose when to use it or not.

Hell, they could even split the battery sources for lte and HR so if you burn up your LTE battery, no harm no foul in term of your other metrics.

Crazy, I know, but man what a world that would be!


The Product ID for the HRM-Pro (Acc, HRM-Pro) ist 682155

Per Svedensten

I believe it will have accelerometers to measure body movement. I have just seen something new in garmin connect when I registered a cross-country session. There is something new called ski dynamics and that requires an HRM-PRO. The ski dynamics seems to measure the poling rate and poling distance. Really looking forward to this feature… 🙂
If you wonder about the cross country skiing… it is rollerskis


My XC skiing in southern hemisphere is uncovering some functionality in Garmin Connect. Winter Sports is now reported in weekly overview and past XC sessions (without HRM) with Fenix 3/ 5x+ are reporting ski dynamics. Have a look at your old activities. Here are some of the help files: Ski Cadence Ski cadence is a measurement that helps you understand more about your motion while cross country skiing. It’s measured in glides per minute (gpm), or the number of “glides” you make with each ski in a minute. Cadence Zones You must use a HRM-Pro while skiing to obtain a cadence measurement. Your cadence will be available to view in your activity details in Garmin Connect. Cadence is color-coded based on how many glides per minute (gpm) you achieve: Zone Cadence Range (gpm) > 120 90 – 120 60 – 90 30 – 60 0 – 30 The Importance of Ski Cadence Your ski cadence is based on a number of variables, including technique, skill level, snow conditions and even the wax on your skis. Higher cadence does not necessarily equal better performance. Knowing your cadence can provide value as you train. If you’re focusing on a particular ski technique,… Read more »


Interesting. So it would seem this is a new band and not something to replace the HRM Tri or Run. I would think that the sensors would have been the same for running and skiing Dynamics, as the differences between the activities should be all software side.

Maybe they are bringing in BTLE and giving it a new name and charging more…


So I take it this is not one of the “imminent” announcements, but something that may be on deck by the end of year? Im in the market for a new HRM-Tri, but would like to see what the heck this thing is before I buy one.


Just saw this:

“With performance in mind, the fēnix 6 has significantly enhanced its cross country (XC) ski metrics. By pairing the watch with the HRM-Pro chest belt, skiers will be able to consult their ski power, stride length, cadence and pole metrics.

The belt and the analytics will be available for the 2019/20 ski season.”


Anymore news on this new HRM? Was thinking to buy a Polar H10, after my H7 broke down, but this information is withholding me to buy it for now. Releasing it with Garmin Fenix 6 or the Vivoactive 4 didn’t happen, but what are they waiting for?


Sorry to bother but I just wondered if there was any news at all on the new strap? My existing HRM-tri is falling apart fast…




Any updates on the release of HRM Pro yet? As I am about to give up on the Fenix’ optical heart rate capabilities, I am considering buying a new HRM-strap. And any magic tricks to improve the accuracy is appreciated, mine is usually 30-40 strokes off either up or down for at least parts of the workout.

tfk, the5krunner

polar h10 is accurate
no update on PRO… 🙁


When will be available?

Garmin Gary

I saw listing at Wiggle yesterday not there now


What happens with the HRM Pro?
It’s 4 months since you predict the release, and still to come…

tfk, the5krunner

as it has skiing functionality I would have thought it would be released already
maybe it is ‘soon’ or maybe there were production flaws.

Łukasz Tatys

Maybe next year like index scale 2


I saw the HRM-Run run out of stock, and prices fluctuated. But now there is stock again, so I cannot consider it a signal for the uncoming HRM-Pro.

I think I will just buy the HRM-Run version…


The only indication I have is mid-march. I believe the vector air, and maybe an update to the varia radar might be coming mid march. Maybe the pro will debut then as well.

I could also be wrong and maybe there will be a sale in mid march to prepare for an early summer launch of those new items.

tfk, the5krunner

there’s the new weight scales and 655 too