Massive Apple Watch Jump in Sales – A Problem for Garmin et al?

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Whilst Apple’s iPhone sales might be falling for several reasons, the Apple Watch sales are trending in precisely the opposite direction with a near 50% increase in their Wearables business for Q1.2019.

Source: CNET and others

The Apple Watch is BY FAR the biggest selling smartwatch. Ever.

Watch out Garmin, the Apple Watch is getting better every year. By 2021 you might have a problem on your hands…I mean, wrists.


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4 thoughts on “Massive Apple Watch Jump in Sales – A Problem for Garmin et al?

  1. Whilst the gist of your post is certainly correct (theApple Watch is getting more popular), for the moment I think the category “wearables” comprises the Apple Watch but also AirPods which add significantly to revenue in this category

  2. You can’t help in thinking that the timing Apple products being officially listed on Amazon in Q1 and sales increasing. This is my point the other day about not fighting with the number 1 retailer regardless of who you are

    1. probably true but i don’t think we will ever know the juicy sales details from apple nor garmin of how many are sold and where.

      i gues syou either figt or submit. once you are reliant on a single point of distribution amazon will squeeze hard.

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