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Apple Announces Their Top Apps

Apple has just announced their top apps for 2020 across all its hardware platforms. I’m just going to briefly mention and discuss the sports and health-related ones as there aren’t too many. Here is the full list on

App of the Year

The Apple app of the year is Wakeout. The app gives you brief movements that you can do anywhere to ‘feel amazing’.

Top Free Charts

The only one that’s vaguely sports and activity-related is Spotify, coming in at #15. Unsurprisingly in the Year-of-the-Covid, ZOOM was #1.

Top Paid Charts

The highest-ranking (#5) activity-related, paid-for, app is AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch. This app IS on my list of ‘things to do’ and does look genuinely impressive. My only reticence around it is that it probably adds a layer of interpretation over and above the HRV and movement data that the Apple Watch correctly records. ie Apple themselves make few claims about their sleep data (stages, etc) and I assume they are confident that their limited claims are broadly correct. As I say, AutoSleep implicitly makes further claims about what is showing in their awesome-looking app.

Top Apple Watch App

The Top app for Apple Watch is Endel. No, I hadn’t either.

However, it looks pretty cool and gives you personal soundscapes to help you Relax, Focus, Sleep and be On-the-Go. That’s one for bedtime tonight I think.

In other Apple Watch App News

I have an update on some major changes to a big AW sports app that adding lots of cool serious sports-functionality. It’s amazing how one-man bands developing their own apps can be so responsive to adding new features and sometimes put the big boys and girls to shame in the corporate world.

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