Garmin Edge 830, Garmin Edge 530 – 10% discount in UK

OK it’s a new Garmin, it’s not hit the shelves yet and new Garmin devices don’t usually attract direct discounts on them. Here’s what you can do to get an INDIRECT DISCOUNT on your pre-ordered 530 or 830. But only in the UK.

At – use the code NEWGB for 10% off and free delivery – no strings attached other than that you must be a new customer. The discount is for being a new customer not for the Edge 530/830.

Here are the links

  1. Garmin Edge 830 £10 discount (UK) via Code: NEWGB
  2. Garmin Edge 530 £10 discount (UK) via Code: NEWGB

Does it work? YES, I just ordered mine that way.

More product info here:

In Brief
  • 92%
    Price - 92%
  • 88%
    Build Quality & Design - 88%
  • 96%
    Features, Including App - 96%
  • 98%
    Openness & Compatability - 98%

Provisional Summary

Garmin Edge 530 Opinion

Over the coming months, I will look a LOT closer at the 530 to see if it really delivers what it seems to from the initial specs. That said, the Edge 530 really does look good and seems to have positioned itself as a de facto industry standard for all others to benchmark themselves to. That doesn’t mean that you and I should buy one though. It will just help us make a better decision about WHICH device to use.

It looks like the hardware has been ‘sorted out’, the processor issue has been addressed from earlier versions. But that still leaves the ‘Garmin menu’ and general usability issues that arise from the complexity of most Garmin devices. Improvements there have clearly been made but Garmin will certainly still need to do more over time on this.

I do like what I see and many will class the price of the Edge 530 as ‘fair’.  Do you instead go for a cooler-looking Hammerhead Karoo? a more user-friendly Wahoo? or a notably cheaper Polar or Lezyne device?. Even ‘normal’, power meter-related metrics, once the preserve of a select few brands are now available at lower price points if you look beyond ‘companies beginning with G‘.

The Killer: Garmin’s overall feature set is what no-one can compete with. But just how usable is that feature set to you? and at what price does it come?

Personally, I do like my gadgets and features, and I buy things for impetuous reasons. I’m going to use an Edge 530 through 2019. If you buy one you’ll probably be happy with it, especially if Garmin have really addressed their occasional in-ride, crash-and-corrupt issues.

Like the Edge 520 there is a strong degree of future-proofing in the 530 ie any new Garmin cycling feature for the next couple of years, or any new CIQ app, will almost certainly work with the Edge 530.


  • Features galore, highly configurable
  • Open to several platforms and technologies like Di2
  • Supports just about every sports sensor from HRMs to FE-C
  • Many in-ride social & safety features
  • Great physiological performance feedback
  • Good maps and on-device routing
  • Training plan integration and execution of complex, alert-based workouts



  • It can be a complex device to setup and, later, reconfigure
  • Smaller format not always great for NAV
  • Price
  • Keep an eye on the battery life when re-routing and when all features are enabled.


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