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STRYD Polar V800 ReviewIn my gloriously scientific sample size of one I’m pretty sure that, most of the time, STRYD is a good proxy for MY effort. Others say it gets the distance in the Goldilocks zone ie…’just right’.

Others argue against that and, I guess, you can always find a flaw in some scientific methodology.

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STRYD have just published this graph (Source: showing a 99% correlation between the power values from the old STRYD chest strap and the metabolic energy expenditure of both elite and recreational runner groups. Maybe 99% is not enough and maybe the newer STRYD footpod is LESS accurate. Maybe…maybe not.

STRYD have also produced validation studies like this one (link to: pdf file on That only shows a 96% correlation but that’s good enough for me.

This source (links to university research in the Netherlands: also finds similar correlations but distinguishes between runners with different degrees of training.

Then again you could use Garmin’s Running Power algorithm which uses GPS-derived velocity (GPS velocity will vary in accuracy from one watch to another) and which also can take VO and GCT from either a chest-based HRM-RUN or belt-based RD-POD. I guess it’s free and I guess with the new, improved GALILEO GNSS tracking on the Fenix 5 plus we might see more accurate running velocities (TBC). The Fenix 5 Plus, though, is certainly not free.

Having said that the Garmin Running Power app is a pretty good app (data field) and has worked bug-free for me on the occasions I have used it. If you are going to use it try to get the inputs as consistent as you can, STRYD Live is a good way to get accurate pace 😉 (Seriously, it is!!)

Garmin Running Power :: Garbage In…Garbage Out?

Tom (@lawtontri) politely discusses with STRYD some issues arising from this topic here (link to:


Just Sayin’

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